China get’s a new flagship: Everything you need to know about the...

China get’s a new flagship: Everything you need to know about the Manta 7X

manta 7x specifications

Unbelievable as it may sound, but China has a new smartphone maker and a new flagship phone to get excited about! Here is everything you need to know about the Manta 7x.

You may remember that we briefly covered details of the Manta 7x in a post last month. At the time many of the specification details were unknown, but we did learn about the Manta’s unique touch borders which remove the need for any physical buttons.

Now final release details, specifications and pricing for the Manta 7X have been released we can revisit this unique flagship phone in more detail.

Manta 7X Full Specifications and details

The Manta 7X looks very much like a Nexus device in the official renders on their website, and that is certainly a look that we really like. Manta will releasing two versions of their phone, the Manta 7X is what we will focus on in this article as details of the Manta 7L haven’t been released yet.

manta 7x specifications

Manta really are hoping to grab the attention of Android smartphone users who appreciate good specifications, a nice design and unique features. They are not trying to emulate Xiaomi, or Meizu, and like Huawei are concentrating on the mid-range and high-end smartphone user, but being a small manufacturer the time it has taken to get their phone to market has meant some of their ‘flagship’ specifications are starting to look a little dated.

A Snapdragon 801 2.5Ghz, with 2GB RAM still provides a lot of grunt and even today will run every application you could possibly want without a stutter or second thought, but with the improvements we have seen from Mediatek and the SD 810 coming soon, it’s all quickly becoming last generation tech.

manta 7x specifications

Manta have opted for a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 FHD Sharp display. Again, this isn’t 2K that we see on the Meizu MX4 Pro, or rumoured to be on the second generation OnePlus phone, but in my tests 2K isn’t a feature I need from a phone. The specs say the glass panel has an arc design meaning a smooth transition from the edge to the center of the phone. We have seen this in the Xiaomi Mi Note and the IUNI U3 and really love the way it feels.

Phone weight is 200g which is way heavier than the competition but also does include the huge 4200mAh battery good for claimed 35hours of 3G talktime, 654 hours LTE standby or up to 138 hours of audio playback.

manta 7x specifications

Dimensions are 151.3 x 76 x 9.8mm which give the screen an overall coverage of  74.96%. The thickness is also really quite impressive considering the size of the battery, however just single SIM support and relying on the 32GB of internal memory. The phone is also IP55 certified for peace of mind, with all metal rear panel and chassis.

manta 7x specifications

A micro SIM allows network support for TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, WCDMA and GSM. Full network details such as bands aren’t listed yet (not that we can see anyway).

Camera specifications on the Manta 7X include a 13 mega-pixel IMX 214 sensor from Sony with F2.0 aperture and OIS. The front facing camera is equally good also being a 13 mega-pixel Sony IMX 214 and again with OIS!

If you read our previous report then you will already be aware that one of the main features of the Manta 7X is the lack of physical button. There is no physical power button, volume rocker or home button. The home button is a capacitive unit below the screen which we have seen for year, but the edges of the Manta 7x house touch sensor for powering the phone on and toggling the volume. Even a finger print scanner has been positioned in the side of the phone for security too. Touch sensitive bezels are quite a unique selling point, with some real potential for nice gesture control options, at this point we are not sure what options are included but hope to get our hands on one for testing.

manta 7x specifications

Manta have also developed their own Android ROM named M07 OS. Based on Android 4.4.4 it come preloaded with Chinese and English languages plus a few choice applications. The system makes use of the side touch panels for easy transfer of files and navigating through menus.

manta 7x specifications

Manta 7X Pricing and Availablility

The Manta 7X is a great looking phone with some nice features and powerful hardware, if not of the latest generation. With English in the ROM, WCDMA and FDD-LTE, international customers do have the option of trying to import the Manta 7X, however it’s availability and pricing which might put you off.

manta 7x specifications

Currently Manta are only selling the 7X through their Chinese only website, and pricing is high at 4080 Yuan ($652), that’s almost double the cost of a phone with similar processor and screen. We also have to see how much support Manta will be offering their phones, as the company are still relatively new.

If you do like the design of the Manta 7X though, keep posted for details of the Manta 7L which is rumoured to be a similar phone only running Mediatek hardware for a more affordable retail price.

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  • Rob

    6 months ago this would’ve sounded like a potential phone on my shortlist but not now as times have moved on. Also that price tag is painful, could be looking at $800 by the time resellers add their cut, way too expensive for a completely unknown brand.

    • sandro khokhiashvili

      and snapdragon 801

      • Adam Irvine

        and only 2gb of RAM and not 3gb like cheaper priced competitors…

        • sandro khokhiashvili

          and kitkat + for now no development

  • Steven Fox

    Yawn, nothing special, that price is just ridiculous, even at 399$ I would still be doubtful.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    RIDICULOUS pricing!
    this is exactly the kinda crap that remain obsolete and condemned to dark and forgotten corners of the chinese smartphone industry…
    wont make the cut!

  • Mesterio

    The price is a munter 🙂

  • Timothy

    My arse is a better flagship than this piece of junk, which will disappear in no time.

  • Manu

    lol o.O i expected price 250~300$ well already uninteresting^^

    • RRRobert

      My thoughts exactly.

  • seven7dust

    sorry why would you pay more than a meizu/xiaomi for a unknown brand with no history.

    and lack of buttons is not a feature it’s gay.

    buttons give us a much better response while using them and means you can use your phone with less concentration , this is why the best seling phones in the world have buttons , e.g.-: iPhones ,Galaxy notes etc.

    this whole notion that buttons are obsolete comes from a very vocal minority , but most people still prefer buttons as the sales suggest. this is why I like Meizu, they remain firm on the notion of physical buttons.

  • Geofff

    Might as well go for the Samsung S5 for that price at least we’ll get a reputable name with support. I mean i know they’re a chinese firm but maybe they think they’re based on a different planet and concept with the ridiculous pricing lol. Perhaps some common sense need to be applied

  • Akimitsui

    Proprietary cable input? Nope, I will not support any company that tries to leave the USB standard.

    • lYl

      It may be the new usb standard, not proprietary.

      Micro USB 3.1 Type B.

      • Guest

        No, it’s not.

  • David Košič

    Oh look another overpriced Chinese phone to ignore.

  • MaxPower

    If I was one of their employees I would look for another job quickly. With this debut they won’t go far away

  • desponent

    “The gimmick is that there is no gimmick!”

    With the exorbitant price and dated specs, this will only end well lol.

  • RiverHorser

    Price is a nutter… but we see that rather often in China that quality and so on is often implied through pricing AND/OR a western sounding name. I have people seen avoiding eg a xiaomi phone as they say it is too cheap and will not add to their “appearance/status/面子“. this might sound weird to a western buyer where we have a different quality/price relationship. A high price suggests quality and status. Dont forget that this is the home of golden phones and totally blinged/pimped up devices,,, we have a market for not just quality products but also status

  • Greetings,

    I write from the UK … and regretfully, I have to say that this product/company breaks all the rules.

    The product is late to the market, unimaginative in its design … and, quite frankly, priced to FAIL !!

    Strangely, this apparently ATTRACTIVE LOOKING product seems to be in the marketing hands of GREEDY AMATEURS. They really should get some better advice !
    4G is a ‘must’ … SIM based memory should be ‘standard’ … no sensory buttons is definitely a mistake; especially for ‘mature’ users … and with Chinese ‘clones’ being unpopular … A good, well priced, NEW Chinese supplier would have been very welcome.

    A few second thoughts … I suggest that the battery is GOOD value … the front camera could be down-spec’d, and a quality leather, ‘stand up’, case included in the deal.

    Then … by asking up to £150 from local end-user resellers – could lead to a SENSIBLE end user deal of £UK 175.

    However … if the manufacturing plan is to make more than 100,000 you’ll definitely have a ‘fire sale’ on your hands!

    • Bailey

      I think expecting this phone to £100 is a bit unreal to be honest i agree that this should not be priced that high but if the company charge £100 they will just be giving it away even though its late the materials dont seem to bad

      • Mmmmm … I can accept that … I’ve updated my original comment !

        • Bailey

          OK so may I ask then how should they be able to make any money?They should then just post it to everyone for free because forget profit they might not even cover costs at that price. If you are a regular member of this website you can become spoilt thinking just because a phone comes from China it should be cheap. Just like when Xiaomi released the mi note all people did was complain at the price. For what the Pro was and the materials it was a very good price. As I said before I agree that the price is to high for this product but £100 is just not living in the real world.

          • I read this site almost every day, and I have done so for the past near 3 years. I may not post as often as others do … but I believe I can judge an ‘offer’ as well as most.
            This product is fundamentally ‘ordinary’, in my opinion … and technically it is not very impressive.
            The issue here is not unique … this is a relatively new producer; clearly with significant set-up costs to deal with. The ‘venture’ has been priced very high in order to recover significant manufacturing and funding charges in ‘one hit’ … and, in my view, simply put, … ‘they have their sums wrong’.
            I doubt my comments carry much, if any, weight with them; and I hope they will prove me overly cautious.
            Then, maybe we’ll have a real force to learn to live with ?

  • I wonder if these people do any sort of focus groups beforehand or do they just jump in head first with something that sticks out. Seriously, does anyone need a 13MP front camera with OIS so that people can see your noise hairs or every single pore and zit on your face in wonderful sharp details? Stick in a smaller front cam and release a phone that’s not 200 grams and you have something approaching practical.

  • Gagarin235

    Entrance Duckbill future of the world
    Exclusive worldwide 41pin 1mm thin interface, while charging high-speed transmission can also sound
    , Video, connect a variety of devices to expand. Future, your host needs only a mobile phone final
    Will replace the PC, laptop and tablet, become personal digital management center.
    (BTW. the Duckbill part is not translated – LOOKS PROPRIETARY TO ME)

  • really when i saw the price will take you my ayez fall on the price i take off for real hahah @Andi how about VIVO XPLAY 5S???

  • RiverHorser