Wickedleak Wammy Titan 4 launched, shares specs and design with the Elephone P5000

India based vendor Wickedleak has announced another smartphone for the country, the Wickedleak Wammy Titan 4. As the headline reads, the device shares specs and design with the Elephone P5000.

If you aren’t aware of the specifications on the latter, here’s what the Wammy Titan 4 comes with: 5-inch 1920 x 1080p display, an octa-core MediaTek MT6592 SoC and 2GB of RAM. There’s also a 16 mega-pixel camera on the rear, and an 8 mega-pixel front shooter for your selfies and video chat.

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The couple most attractive features of the device are its 5330mAh battery (Elelphone P5000 has a 5350mAh cell) and the fact that it has a fingerprint reader. Thanks to the large battery, the phone also supports reverse-charging, i.e., the ability to charge other phones using the device’s micro USB port and an OTG cable. Like the Elephone P5000, the Titan 4 too comes with NFC which isn’t really the most popular feature on a phone, but something users still like to have on their devices.

The Titan 4 is now on pre-sale in India for 14,990 INR (US$240), which is about the price at which the Elephone P5000 sells also. The device can be pre-booked at the Wickedleak online store with the phone scheduled to ship 1st March onward.


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  1. Vijay Sud
    February 19, 2015

    Why this old MT6592 SoC.. will be good heater in Winter. Must be old unsold stock of Elephone P5000, purchased at knockoff rates by Wickedleak, and being palmed off in India.

    • Angry Mobile Nerd
      February 20, 2015

      Indians are always bitching for value for money, or “VFM” as they like to say. Unfortuate for them because the best value for money is and will always be on last years or the years before tech which is why India has become the dumping ground it is today.

      Sometimes you guys are oblivious to what’s really going on because you’re blinded by “value”. The Mi3 launch in India was just one big dump in case you haven’t figured it out already.

      • Vijay Sud
        February 20, 2015

        Angry Mobile Nerd..man i simply hate morons hiding behind a mask of fancy pseudonyms.like angry Mobile Nerd. BTW are u something to do with This failed firm Wickedleak that my very rational post regarding use of old SOC MT6592 being used in This Titan 4, when in 2015 Feb, every one expects a modern Octa like MT 6752 to be put into Indian market at this price point. And why a racial remark on Indians man, r u a Paki ??

        • Angry Mobile Nerd
          February 21, 2015

          I’m not from India or Pakistan for that matter. I was simply giving you a very rational explanation towards why India sees so many “new” mobile phones with old parts being launched. Nothing racial about it as the news story is India-specific so my comment was about Indian consumers.

          With technology when it comes to the latest and greatest there is no value, simple. It’s like that all over the world. Where some markets crave the latest and greatest and are willing to pay other markets, like India, want their precious value for money so companies have responded by selling older products there because with technology thats the only way to give consumers value. OnePlus launched a the snapdragon 801-based One in India just last month and I didn’t hear you complaining. Take the galaxy s3, in 2012 was well over 40000 INR, now in 2015 you can still buy it in India for what? — 12000 INR give or take, now that’s “value for money” the exact same phone for 1/3 the original selling price which is why now you see s3 forums flooded with India-based users. Most markets you wouldn’t even be able to find new S3’s for sale.

            February 21, 2015

            Agree to your point but you forgot that not everyone needs a latest mobile.. Most(not all) of older users don’t demand latest soc as long as basic what’s app and Skype is done, gaming is not a priority.. Now s4 is available in amazon.in for 18k… Just because the production of s4 is over and s6 is with Qhd screen doesn’t imply that s4 is a bad phone.. In fact it’s kinda good deal now. The latest technology is not always the affordable or the required technology for most of citizens… If latest is affordable and there is availability then definitely people will buy that.. Posted from lenevoA6000.. Another vfm phone.. Since I have been following gizchina for a long time, I totally agree that 6592 chipsets must not be bought

            • balcobomber25
              February 21, 2015

              Most users never take full advantage of a modern SOC. Even the most basic chips are more than powerful enough to do what a good majority of people use their phone for (facebook, candy crush type games and photos). If you require that much power you shouldn’t be looking at budget phones in the first place.

      • Anagh Ceon
        February 21, 2015

        Angry Mobile Nerd where are you from ??

        February 21, 2015

        Your comment is true about Indians for areas other than mobiles, the vfm factor is there

    February 19, 2015

    Whats the guarantee that its not a rebranded Elephone P5000!

    • February 19, 2015

      I reckon both Elephone and Wickedleak are getting it from the same OEM.

  3. seven7dust
    February 21, 2015

    wow! 5350 mah battery is this real ? thats crazy !!!

  4. Anand Mittal
    June 18, 2015

    This WICKEDLEAK people putting some attractive fake 420 Specifications in their website and trapping unknown people while surfing in internet through some marketing adds..
    THERE intention is only to loot money and to snatch every person hard earned money.

    They are Selling 100% fake and pathetic quality products in name of world longest battery..

    Please check the below details

    Model : WICKEDLEAK WAMMY TITAN 4 @14990

    1. Camera : 16 mega pixel as per spec but the camera other brands 5 megapixel is far more better ythan this one

    2. Battery : 5300 mah but Samsung 3000 mah works far better than this one

    3. 3G and 4G does not work in both sim

    4. phone hangs regularly.

    5. Very very Poor display

    6. Very poor looks

    7. Regular heating problem

    8. Very high Radiation

    • Richa Gujral
      December 21, 2015

      The guy who made above comment is paid by Micromax and Xolo and a complete dumbo + cheapo. Its
      actually quite disguting that Mr anand is spreading such lies for Little

      Money about an Indian company first i was also affected by his comment
      but then decided to test Wickedleak and this is what i found. I also
      called their customer care many times to check and clear my doubt

      I love titan 5 and you will love it too. Customer care was very polite and Helpful in my view

      Mr Anand ,I think you work for xolo or micromax or xiaomi

      had to wait for sometime as they did
      not have stock for the Wammy Titan 5 and shipment got delayed. However
      on receiving I found that the smartphone is good one and the price is
      also very much affordable.
      It is having more features compare to its similar products of other company.

      I also got free flipcase as this is my second purchase from them after Wammy Note 4.

      Thanks Wickedleak.
      Richa Gujural.

  5. Hari
    September 1, 2015

    HI Bought wammy titan 4.

    With in few mins of starting the fone for the 1st time i realized that the os is jearky, its not smooth. My 2 and half yrs old fone is smoother compared to this fone. Started installing the apps using wifi. with in 15mins the fone started warming up on the back side where the camera is. In half an hr the whole top portion of the fone, both front and back side, started heating up. In that half an hr battery drained by 7%. I was so disappointed as i bought the fone for its battery only. Its been a week since i received the fone and i realized the fone heats up like a fry pan when u charge it. if u chat or browse for 10-15mins using either wifi or 3g fone heats up if not like a fry pan and that drains the battery vry fast. When i connect my fone using the aux cable in my car it starts and stops playing the songs randomly.

    I requested the customer care to replace the product the next day i received the fone. I mailed them, i called them many times, i had a chat with them many a times in their live chat, but every time they say only one sentense “our customer support will contact u soon”.. if u insist they vl say “they will contact u in half an hr”…u dnt receive anythng from them. once u receive the fone thn thats it, ur stuck with it. no support wat so ever. pretty disappointed.

    Friends make a wise choice before u buy anythng from this brand. Dont commit the same mistake i did.

  6. Zoya Boby
    November 12, 2015

    Wickedleak is a fake fraud company, No service for built in problems of
    the phone, After payment they send a defect phone after 1 month, I just
    used for 4 months, now phone is dead. serious problem with hardware and
    software of this cheap Chinese phone. and service guys are fraud people,
    after 2 months of effort with service center they refuse to fix the
    problem. Now its a piece of garbage. Never buy any phones. The company
    claim to be Indian but its Chinese substandard product. you can find
    only good rating in their website. they don’t publish bad comments

    November 16, 2015

    Never buy this phone.I brought this phone for 15000 with great
    expectations but I found it as total waste of money

    Huge marathon battery is a very big lie my phone after 4 months
    use wont even last a day when I mailed them saying that battery drained in 11
    hours they are saying that its okay. I also sent my mobile for repair and got
    back without any improvement. Just wasted my 15000 rs .What to say I am been
    cheated the quality the product and the customer service all are very bad

    They are claiming gorilla glass but my glass broken on a very
    minor impact showing that it is just ordinary glass.

    You will find quality
    defects, os, battery backup

    It heats a lot even on one minute call..and roasts your ear.

    All features are fake

    1. Octa core still hangs That means not really octa core. Fake hardwares from China make it
    appears so. But not really 8 cores. 2 apps will hang the phone so badly unless
    u exit one of them.

    4. Battery is 5330 mah is not giving backup of
    a 1500 mah battery. They put this 420 specification for looting with innocent
    Indians, looting their hard earned money. They are looting money and playing
    with affections.

    Hangs like any thing any time any where and have to restart
    again Finger print scanner is third grade quality and not reliable. Not even
    works properly as home button.

    Heavy like brick and heats like

    Kindly plz plz do nt
    buy this phone at all at this heavy rate …. Third grade China phone
    from Indian company

    Dont believe them when
    they claim they are Indian Manufactures which is a blatent lie.

    Parts are also not available in any Indian cities. If you
    buy their phones then you are stuck

    Now the charging port
    also not working properly and I am finding it very difficult to get charged

    Any body want to know more please call me 9895376299-shinoj

    December 11, 2015

    Be very careful
    before buying Wickedleak phones.I purchased wammy titan 4 mobile in may-18 .I am having
    following issues.

    1. severe heating
    especially at earpiece area while using due to it i cant place it on my ears

    2. very low battery
    back up not even one day

    3.now the device
    has became very slow

    4. centre button
    is not working proper

    5. I contacted customer care and they told me to
    sent the phone and I sent to them they simply returned the phone without doing
    anything even not changing the battery.Then I mailed them regarding battery
    issues and no use. Now the
    charging port is not working properly Still the phone gets heated very badly
    and I cant place on my ear after using 3g for some time. I lost my 15000 rs
    very bad experience

    • Richa Gujral
      December 21, 2015

      Dude you are silly and dumb if you think so Because one phone has
      some fault does not mean whole company is wrong…lol .. how silly can
      you be ???? Just call customer care
      and have it resolved thats ofcourse you are not trying to defame this
      comapny and being paid by someone. Probably you are some fake profile
      from china who doesnt even know english and uses google translate

      First i was also affected by his comment
      but then decided to test Wickedleak and this is what i found. I also
      called their customer care many times to check and clear my doubt

      I love titan 5 and you will love it too. Customer care was very polite and Helpful in my view…….

      I think you work for xolo or micromax or xiaomi

      had to wait for sometime as they did
      not have stock for the Wammy Titan 5 and shipment got delayed. However
      on receiving I found that the smartphone is good one and the price is
      also very much affordable.
      It is having more features compare to its similar products of other company.

      I also got free flipcase as this is my second purchase from them after Wammy Note 4.

      Thanks Wickedleak.
      Richa Gujural.

      • SHINOJ KG
        December 22, 2015

        Dear Richa

        i think u may be working for this company. From the
        day i received i had issues with wammy titan 4 it was getting heated very badly
        and very poor battery life. Also this company which u are saying good is not
        having a single service centre in india. Also if i have any technical
        issues when i called customer care they are telling to send mail to company
        mail id. First time i am hearing from a mobile company. After several mails i
        finally sent the mobile for repair specially mentioning my issues of getting
        heated and battery life after receiving the mobile at company office they told
        me that the mobile they have repaired and it is ok and sent it back. But when I
        received the mobile and checked I found mobile is having same old issues of
        getting heated badly and poor battery life also this company not even changed
        the battery that was the minimum thing I expected. On what basis u are saying
        product is very good???????????????. I know many peoples having issues with
        wicked leak products they bought and none of them told that customer care is
        very good. I have been using smart phone for last 5 years my 2 year old phone
        is still having better battery back up than 5330 MAH wammy titan 4 mobile. I
        lost my 15000 rs nobody should make the same mistake I have done.

  9. himanshu patil
    December 22, 2015

    Amazing phone with 3GB Ram, 4G connectivity and with a high processor which never let you down. Touch is super smooth, you don’t have to put more effort on this. This phone outshines with the long battery backup & with the styling looks.