Purported 4.7-inch JiaYu S4 details revealed include 64bit chip, USB C and...

Purported 4.7-inch JiaYu S4 details revealed include 64bit chip, USB C and more

jiayu s4

Purported JiaYu S4 teasers have been posted over on the Chinese JiaYu forums unveiling some exciting specification details plus a launch date.

Cast your mind back to November and you will have seen renders showing the JiaYu S4 in a 4 different colours and then it all went very quiet as we awaited the release of the flagship S3, but the S4 lives or so it appears.

We haven’t confirmed if these teasers are genuine of if they are simply fan made, but our fingers are crossed and we are holding our breath as the details are very promising. So far what we have are 3 images, all of which reveal details of the sub 5-inch JiaYu S4.

jiayu s4

According to the teasers the JiaYu S4 will pack a 4.7-inch 1280 x 720 display made of Gorilla Glass 3 and 1.7mm bezels along either side. The same 64bit Mediatek MT6752 chipset will power the phone as the S3 which bring with it dual SIM LTE support.

Options for either 2GB or 3GB RAM will be on offer with 16GB internal memory as standard and space for a 64GB SD card should you need some more room. Sony will once again supply a IMX214 13 mega-pixel camera for the rear and a 5 mega-pixel has been chosen for selfie duties.

All alloy and glass construction has a similar rounded profile to the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 and like Apple (on the Macbook) JiaYu seem to have opted for USB type C on the JiaYu S4. Dimensions are 130 x 64 x 8.3mm at 140g which allows enough room for a 2500mAh battery.

jiayu s4

The final image appears to show a real sample of the JiaYu S4 with speaker grill drilled in to the 6013 alloy chassis to the right of the type C USB port. Another interesting detail is the date above the phone which reads 3.31, or March 31st!

So March 31st for the next JiaYu flagship, and the first sub 5-inch flagship device worth buying in a long time? Let’s hope these details are the real deal!

Thanks to Mikko Monnonen for the tip!

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  • Urke Zakelinho

    Yess YES YES! This is the phone I need! Hopefully 800/1800/2600 LTE!

  • yoselife

    1280 x 720, no fingerprint, 2500 mAh battery- should cost less then 150$.

    • Stef

      FHD is useless for sub 5 inch phones. 2500 battery is little if it’s non replaceable -though- you’re right. I’d prefer 3000 …

  • pueblo23

    Very hot … Please use all fdd lte frequencies 800/1800/2100/2600…with this chip it is possible i believe and it can rock EU market

    • andres

      for some reasons they still supporting chinese bands only, 🙁 i had one jiayu phone that does not supported 850 or 1800 Mhz for 3g… they áre loosing a big márket..

  • Kenny

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!! Finally a Sub-5 inch smartphone with great specs and new MT6752 processor & good camera!

    • RRRobert

      I can totally agree with you. I recently swapped my 4.3″ M2S for a 5″ Elephone P3000S and even though I like this phone by its specs, I still feel like it’s too big in size to handle with one hand and to keep it in my pocket. If these outer dimensions of 130x64x8.3 mm are to be true, I’ll be ordering one ASAP

  • Steven Fox

    I doubt it will release in the next few months, knowing Jiayu. If they release this device under 160Usd it will be too close to the F2, which they just released. As build qualitu Jiayu rivals the top brands in the world, but their software support and marketing are below par(still waiting for a kitkat update for my S1)

  • Manos

    I’m waiting next generation Jiayu G4 for a long time! finally I hope they will keep the 4.7 size and fix it up make it slim and great looking!

  • Manos

    Andi please as them for a real teaser! We love teasers from Jiayu! Very interesting!

  • 5.5 FHD and a sub 160$ pricetag… Then I’d jump in.

    Right now it is just for gays with little hands.

    • Stef

      Buy the S3

      Also I have big hands, but not being able to use my phone one handed spites me. Let’s hope the rumours are true. There is literally not one (good) choice for one handed use in 2015.

      They are either too expensive, too weak, or both.

    • Poseidon

      What about non-gay people with small hands? You didn’t think of that, did you?
      oceanseamaster.ibuy lol….

    • 3_nity

      Are you gay? LOL

    • Airyl

      Gays with little hands? This is for the people who have been constantly asking for a phone like this. Also, the S3 is already out. What else do you possibly need?

  • Jasper

    I really hope this phone is real because it’s just… perfect

  • Nick

    OH MY GOODNESS! Thanks Andi for sharing that info, I was planning to get the THL 2015 but the JIAYU S4 is worth to wait. Please JIAYU make it happen at the end of this month. Fingers crossed!

  • Stef

    BTW those seem to be the same (fake) specs posted in here a while ago.
    IIRC it’s a Gizchina reader who thought of them and created a (photoshopped) mock up.

    Here’s hoping Jiayu would take cues from him though, this is close to perfect dimensions for one hand use (125×62 is actually what I would call perfect, but as I said this is close).

  • Venci

    love it ! Going to buy if around 150$ !

    • Armacryss

      Exactly what I was thinking… I’ll just wait for the review… just to be sure 🙂


      if the end image quality is great with IMX214(they goofed up with S3 with stupid image decoding algorithm or whatever),i am even ready to pay 180-200$..but please make great camera…hoping above mentioned specs remains intact.

  • oguzou

    2500 mah battery is too small for this beauty. it would at least have 3000 mah battery. Such a waste..

    • Venci

      its 4.7 inch ! 3000mah on that device ???? 2500 is more than enough

      • MaxPower

        Battery is never enough and it would never be too much

        • Babidi

          I am not saying it directly to anyone but why do people always assume that the chinese manufacturers are a wish granting genie.

          People want a slim phone, they want 3000mah battery and a new SOC but don’t want to pay the price it requires to create such a phone.

          The comments feel like people flushed their brains down the toilet.

          • MaxPower

            I think You are missing the meaning of a discussion.
            Here’s a new phone and there’s a comment section so people can show their opinion about that, some people might think it’s perfect, some might think it’s too small,someone might think that lacks on battery and prefer another brand and so on.
            Nobody is demanding anything, that would be the wrong place anyway.
            What in your opinion a comment section should be used for?
            I’ve been going through all comments here and the only assumption I’ve found was yours.

            • Babidi

              I apologize for not properly understanding your comment. I mistakenly assumed that people are demanding when they are saying this battery would be good or that SOC will be great.

              I will try not to assume like this in the future. But I did notice that people from the first world countries are very hard to satisfy. It probably had something to do with perception, I am not used to getting what I want, so when I do get something I wanted it feels extremely awesome and the last thing I will do is search google just to see where that thing ranks. 😛

            • MaxPower

              Look, i understand your point.
              People here are highly demanding meaning that they always want better for less and I agree with you.
              Chinese market went from simply cheap junk to great specs for few bucks in few years, they set high standards so it’s going to be hard to do better.
              My comment about the battery was different though.
              Battery technology is way too much behind other technologies and unfortunately it’s a bottleneck that compromise user experience with cellphones, laptops, drones, action cameras… You name it.

            • MaxPower

              I can easily say that 2k screen is too much for most people needs without being pointed as fool, same about 7 inch phones, or extra powerful SoC, or 5GB ram or 1TB storage.
              Would you say the same about battery?
              I don’t think so, and that’s the meaning of my comment.

  • Jason45

    I am thinking somewhere around 800 Yuan. Around 160-170 usd I am guessing from resellers.

  • japanese

    ok now make make the jiayu s5 with even less than 4.7 inches (4.5 or 4.3) and all the inner parts of S3 or S4

  • Aeonia

    no way would this be a 720p resolution…

    • Raul

      why not ?

      • Aeonia

        Jiayu s1 1080p ,s2 1080p, s3 1080p..all fhd screen’s..no way would they just downgrade when they have an even better cpu…

        • Stef

          See the trend though? All more than 5 inches. At 4.7 inches is more of a blessing than a curse. It has almost the same fidelity as 1080p at such small screen yet it allows for much better performance and/or battery life.

          I would much prefer a better quality panel than the one on S3 (better colors, viewing angles, etc) than a repeat of resolution and quality.

  • George

    This looks like a wet dream come true,make a 5.5′ version and take my chips

    • Stef

      They did , it’s called Jiayu S3. The differences are only minor to this. What we need is a smaller version of S3 (S4), not a larger version of S4 (as I said it’s called the S3).

  • Mr_Hood

    Let them make it come true! And let them have a look at how things are done software wise at Elephone. AOSP is infinitly better then the Jiayu rom.

  • Peter Claei

    my new phone next year!

    • 3_nity

      Hahaha. 😀 But I think for this S4, Jiayu wiil launch this phone very soon. 😉

  • 3_nity

    Will be my next phone. 🙂


    Just when i had lost all hopes on Jiayu,they come up with such teasers….super specs for mid ranger..720p is quite sufficient on 4.7 inch..chipset is great…what matters is availibility..practically not before July-Aug’15.

  • Airyl

    Don’t get too excited. It could be from the same guy who made those fake images back then. I do hope it’s real though.

    Also, March 31st would be perfect for April Fools.

    • Stef

      There’s one guy who created a fake (photoshopped) spec sheet just for the kicks, a while back. He was clear from the start -even- that (at most) he hoped to influence jiayu into adopting those specs. I don’t think he “leaked” anything or purported that he did, the problem started afterwards when several news sites started taking his picture and reported it as a “leak”.

      After then a start was made and in several forums people starting photoshopping the images further and lately we even have 3D models. So -yeah- most of anything surrounding Jiayu S4 is nothing more than a giant meme.

      However some of those specs do happen to be close to the one that Jiayu will most probably use, like the SoC or even the screen size. I would expect S4 to be a “shrinked” S3 and nothing else. No fancy cameras, no fancy material, unfortunately not even smaller bezels than G4 (lately Jiayu creates bigger and bigger bezels).

      So yeah it probably *will* be an updated version of Jiayu S4, but nothing like a lot of these specs suggest (sadly, may I add).

      • desponent

        Bigger and bigger? The only accomplishment they did was S2 which has about the same size as Mi4. Their other phone has about the same bezel as the second slimmest one (S3 is 75mm wide, LG G2 which was applauded for its bezel is 74.6mm).

        • Airyl


          • desponent

            I mean S2. :p

        • Stef

          F1 and F2 were the ones I had in mind as they’re closer to S4’s purported size. Both quite thick bezels.

          • desponent

            G4/G4S is the closest, both in market position and dimension. Go on and check on it.

            F series are their low end model, even major companies rarely care about their phone dimension for that bracket.

            • Stef

              F2 is 5 inches, S3 is 5.5. If indeed S4 would be 4.7 inches, it would be closer to F series dimensions.

            • desponent

              G4S is 4.7″. Please at least research before you post.

            • Stef

              G4S is 2 years old design (G4 with MT6592). Their later designs (F1 and F2) have much thicker bezels. I own about 10 jiayu phones, there’s a clear trend over thicker bezels ever since. Even S3 is quite long for a 5.5 inch phone (Galaxy Notes and LG G3 are a lot more economical in size by comparison).

            • desponent

              Doesn’t matter since they refresh it for the price bracket this phone will be replacing. You won’t see this priced at F price point.

              10 Jiayu phones yet I bet that you don’t have S1 and S2. What is this phone again? Oh right, S4.

            • Stef

              From what I get the S series has become their mainstream series. No new g phone, all the while S3 is priced like a G series phone. I expect the S4 to be the sequel of G4. Which in pricing is closer to F2 than -say- the S1. And F2 has very thick bezels.

              Now I do not expect S4 to be have as thick bezels (as F2) I just expect it to have thicker ones than G4 but it will also be slimmer (than G4). For example look at Samsung phones for reference. Every S phone after S4 was slimmer but also with a worse screen to body ratio. It seems to be a general trend in phones. Also no replaceable battery (another unfortunate trend).

    • Patryk
    • Marco Lancaster

      Yeah, I could hope everything listed here have a possibility to be true, cause is truly available, if Jiayu want they can make a phone with that specs. But USB C, I highly doubt. It’s not a major factor for now, so I doubt a chinese company will care with that.

  • Victor

    beautifully iphonesque… please Jiayu i am embarraassed when people think i am using iPhone

    • 3_nity

      same with me. 🙁

  • desponent

    2500mAh? Damn, but I guess it should be enough for a day.

    • Raul

      for a 4.7 inch display is more than enough

      • desponent

        Jiayu G4 and G4S had 3000mAh.

        • 3_nity

          then buy G4 or G4s. Simple. 🙂

          • desponent

            I have it. I expect it to at least retain the battery when I upgrade.

            Thank you for your (useless) input and always be satisfied with whatever manufacturer put out. Defeatist attitude ftw right?

            • 3_nity

              I have G5 with 2000mAh battery and don’t crying about new phone with larger battery.

            • desponent

              Good for you.

            • Airyl

              How about a Lenovo P70?

  • Muhammad Yasir

    woah woah woah!
    WHY DONT , they give s3 like 60% of 2015 and THEN release s4 ?!
    why are flagships coming in so rapidly ? is this common in china… ?!

    ALSO , why On EARTH is s4 720p ONLY compared to s3’s FHD ? thats a downgrade :/ !

    • Aa

      It is not big downgrade, since S3 is 5.5 inch and S4 is only 4.7 inch. I think 720p is enough for that phone size.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        k den

  • Sere83

    haha its a straight s6 clone. Got to be fake, looks like a shopped s6 to me, no way jiayu are bringing that spec to the table.

  • Jay

    Woohoo! What specs!!

  • Lotfius

    Interesting …
    I was waiting for a 64bit update of the s2 or the G4 but it seems that it is a kind of G5 update with the new design of Apple/Samsung … Why not if not more than 200€/$
    Still waiting for a 64bit version of the jiayu s2 with sd card and dual sim 🙂

  • Aeonia

    a 4.99-5.2 inch, 1080p screen and everything else exactly as it is and i’m pre-ordering

  • sandro khokhiashvili

    sooooo coool so still have to wait 😀 meh

  • Evgeny


  • E8hffff

    No point as S3 already is this and more.

    • dwaltz

      More is not always better: some prefer sub 5″ sizes.

  • E8hffff

    Jiayu needs to bring out a MT6795 based phone similar to the S3 but with the higher specs to suit the SoC.

    • Stef

      It’s only 18% faster (2GHz instead of 1.7GHz), possibly a better GPU though. I don’t think MT6795 makes much sense, in many things it’s actually slower than its predecessor (MT6595).

      Better wait for the Cortex-A72 based SoC that Mediatek is currently manufacturing before jumping to a new SoC.

      • E8hffff

        The MT6795 has much better camera abilities which are very appealing.

      • Danil bilousov

        mt6795 as the mt6595 much faster then mt6752, becouse it use big.Little, it has no only little cores, like a53 in mt6752. mt6752 is 64bit version of mt6592

        • Stef

          MT6795 is 8 X A53 cores @ 2 Ghz.

          Look here: http://www.fudzilla.com/news/processors/37116-mediatek-s-octa-core-mt6795-soc-spotted-in-geekbench

          A57 cores do 1300+ score on single core geekbench test. This is the score of A53 cores.

          You’re probably confused with MT6595 which is a legitimate big.little SoC.

          • Danil bilousov

            MT6795 is 64 bit version of MT6595, and it’s 2.2Ghz

            Why there is information about heterohenus system?
            even by your link is information about 4 a57 and 4 a53 cores
            and if it has 4 a53 cores, geekbench can show result from it in one core result, nothing so strange.

            • Stef

              In my link there is a geekbench score. Don’t read the reporting, Fud reporters are not well versed in tech, read the score.

              The score is that of 8xA53 SoC. Also the Mediatek link you gave me says nothing about big.little. By contrast the MT6595 information page says it clearly.

              Also it’s up to 2.2 Ghz , no way an A57 cpu can go up to 2.2ghz . It’s simple physics. Everything shows towards the direction that MT6795 is A53 (the leaks, Mediatek, physics).

              Don’t look forward to it . MT6752 is already close to the best you can get…

            • Danil bilousov

              but on mt6795 page is some about heterohenus multiprocessing, what heterohenus on 8 a53 cores?

            • Stef

              Hmmm yeah, you’re right I just saw it. That’s a clear reference to big.little concept so I do not know what to do with it. Mediatek is still on 28 nm so there’s no way that they can manage 2.2ghz on A57 on 28 nm , there would be so much throttling that it would actually be slower than a53s.

              Also the leaked benchmarks point clearly towards A53 cores, sth does not compute… Either the leaked benchmarks are faked, or they refer to a different SoC (6752t? ). Also either they’re lying on the 2.2ghz point or in heterogenous computing, they can’t have both. Samsung had to use 14nm transistors for 2.1ghz, all the while Qualcomm cannot handle 2 ghz @ 20 nm (their SoC throttles a lot and overheats). So there’s no way in hell that Mediatek would manage 2.2ghz @ 28 nm, the laws of physics simply do not allow for it.

  • Ulti

    Don’t know if this is fake or real but damn, look at how many comments there are here! The market needs more sub 5″ well specced phones, not more of those 5.5″ gigantic phablets!

    • Sirrr

      Couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Robert

    Nice phone, but please add more lte bands include 800, 900, 2100 Mhz now

  • Jiayu G4T owner


  • GXA

    Gizchina,please inform us if it’s real as soon as possible,cause everybody we need a combact flagship in 4.7 inch!

  • John

    Too small, too iPhone. 5 inch would’ve been better.

    • Stef

      They have released too many 5-inch phones already, why would you need one more (S1, S2, F2 and those are their latest ones). No what we need is a compact phone, we have thousands upon thousands of other sizes, and only -like- 10 of phones that are smaller than 5 inch (and are actually usable).

      • John

        Specs of the S1, S2 and F2 are really bad. A 5 inch phone with 2015 specs would be more than welcome, from Jiayu.

        • Stef

          S2 is quite well spec’d. It’s a bit behind S3 in specs but its build quality is much better…

  • Don Rogers

    Well it’s 3.31 where is the announcement looks like another set of renders and rumours without substance. If it’s not rumours then when it is released I’m buying one. For those of you that can not wait for this phone why not look at the LANDVO L600 Pro 5.0 Inch

  • Toni

    Lets just hope this is real:

    • Urke Zakelinho

      Hopefully not. Indeed it looks like a perfect phone to me, but 300$ would be kinda max i’d give for it.

      • Toni

        of course 400$ is too much, I meant the phone, lets hope the phone is real. I think price will be around 150$ when it hits the market.

        • Urke Zakelinho

          Defo not 150$. This doesn’t look like 150$ phone and spec-wise isn’t either. I’d say around 200-230$. And specs just look like copy-paste from GizChina ^^

          • Toni

            Take a look at Ecoo E04 Aurora, FHD screen, 5.5 inch, fingerprint scanner, 3gb Ram, costs 185$. Even Jiayu S3 costs 180$ and has the same Cpu like jiayu s4. Does anyone know what happened with the release date, 31th of March? As we haven’t received and info from Jiayu and Gizchina I doubt this phone is real.

            • Urke Zakelinho

              End of June (statement from Coolicool). Hope it’s real!

  • mrjayviper

    “inspired” by the iPhone

  • Vikol

    Today is 01.04.2015 where is Jiayu S4 presentation? )

    • Vlada

      I’m afraid it is fake. 🙁 I hope I’m wrong though.

      • Urke Zakelinho

        Coolicool said it comes end of June. Hope they ain’t lying! 😀

  • Toni

    Good news, listed on Coolicool for 175$

    Great price for such a beast IMO, buying one as soon as it’s released

  • nick

    so it’s real and it’s listed with 4000 mah battery and 3 gig ram.. specs are almost too good (why would you need 3g ram.. i don’t even notice the difference between 1 and 2 and when i free used memory i usually barely free up 90 mb..)

    • Stef

      It’s not about “free” ram in android. It’s all about “used ram”. If you have 3gb instead of 1gb then 3gb are going to be used by the system. That’s great news because pretty much everything would run from the ram instead of the phone’s flash memory. And unless your phone has Samsung’s super fast flash memory (I. E. It won’t), having more ram would make your phone incomparably faster.

      Ram is the most important spec in androids. It’s better to have a phone with 3gb Ram and a slower processor than one with 1gb ram and “fast” processor. The one with 3 gigs of ram would be smoother and generally a better experience. *Always* prefer more ram in androids, always, even if it’s 8 gigs , android would use even that.

      So yeah , it would be excellent if it’s released with 3 gigs. In fact it would be slightly disappointing since it could have used 4 gigs as well (if it’s running lollipop as lollipop supports 4+ GB) .

      Btw where did you find the rumour for the 4000 mah battery? I mean if true it would be slightly worrying as it would imply that the phone is a phablet (as only phablets and phablet sized phones can house such large batteries). Hope the battery rumour is wrong, we have enough phablets as it is, we *definately* don’t need another.

      • Toni

        Agree with everything you said. I think battery is 2500mah, at least that is what coolicool and efox said.

  • murtaza yılmaz

    4.7 inch size is good.I hate 5-6 inch smartphone.if it have 4.3 inch scren, JIAYU S4 IS PERFECT. TÜRKİYEDEN SELAMLAR…. 🙂

    • Michel

      Yeah same here, 4,7 / 4,5 or 4,3 are perfect!. I hope the screenshots are not fake because i would order 2 of those.

  • murtaza yılmaz


  • Yoni PeQu

    great phone jiayu S4, I will believe it when I could buy it; I didn’t see these dimensions in a 4.7″ with this form (only z3 compact ,moto X) respect to a usb type-c the S3 will bring too. Someone thinks that mtk6752 must have a t760mp4 instead mp2 actually. Maybe jiayu made this phone, they have a buyer here

  • SheWolf

    Is there any more news about this phone in the mean time?

  • nice phone 😉

  • murtaza yılmaz

    Where is this phıne?
    jiayu s3 should have been two alternative model as 4.7 and 5 inch..
    maybe meizu k52 is better than s3 and s4.I hope 720p screen more logical for battery.


  • murtaza yılmaz

    where is the jiayu s4????
    date: 02.05.2015.

    Jiayu company is so slow.there are no alternative mtk6752 and under 5 inch screen size.stupid company because of jiayu s3 is only 5.5 inch.

    • Sirrr

      well… i think these are another set of renders made by an enthusiast. a lot of people are looking for a decent phone under 5″ but we are waiting in vain apparently. And yes, Jiayu is slow in every aspects.