Images of an alleged Hisense tablet leaked with super thin bezels

Images of an alleged Hisense tablet leaked with super thin bezels


Hisense has made a couple of interesting phones in the past, but they’ve never really managed to capture the attention of the international market. This is mainly because their phones often have generic designs and no distinguishing features compared to other, cheaper brands. Now, they seem to be trying to change that image.

Two new images of an alleged HiSense tablet were recently leaked on Weibo, and show what appears to be a 8-10 inch tablet with bezels like a Dell Venue 8. The bezels are very slim for a tablet, with only a little bit of bezel on the top. This may affect the actual usage of the device, but it does at least look quite nice.

The back also looks unique compared to the onslaught of iPad looking devices that have come out recently. The body is tapered to look thinner than it actually is, although it still seems fairly thick. The body appears to take colouring cues from one certain dress in that it appears to be black to some people and gold to other people. There are also two speakers on the device along with the Hisense logo in centre.

No specs or launch date were announced for the device, though we should get more information on it soon. What do you think? Does this tablet interest you? Is the rear black or gold?

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  • The back is obviously not black. I’d be color blind too think that as black. The thin bezels is nice but the edges are way too sharp for my liking. Holding it in portrait mode will be a painful experience. Especially if the edge rests in your palms.

  • Rob

    I quite like the look of this with the thin bezels, think they are about right as any smaller and there would be no way of holding it.

  • Anonymous

    I won’t until be satisfied until i can get this shit bezel-less with “palm guard” feature – or system that just doesnt have any clickable items on the edge, but still show content. But this motherfucker still look hot

  • jimberkas

    not enough bezel. love my old Hisense Sero 7 Pro.