7 accessories you can buy for the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

xiaomi yi action camera case

When Xiaomi launched the Yi Action camera the only accessory available for it was a selfie stick. Now there is a lot more to choose from, here are 7 of the most useful.

The Xiaomi Yi Action camera was a great move by Xiaomi. People around the world are buying up GoPro cameras, and looking at the popularity of SJCAM’s offerings there is obviously a market for are more affordable solution.

In an un-Xiaomi style though the Yi Action camera was launched with some major issues. The first being that the Yi doesn’t ship with a waterproof and shock proof case to keep it safe, and the second being the threaded type mount the camera uses making it impossible for us to make use of GoPro style mounts.

Luckily the camera has been popular and a market for accessories has formed around the lightweight camera. Here are 7 of the most useful we have found so far.

Waterproof Case for Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

xiaomi yi action camera case

This was the big missing item when the Yi launched. Without a protective waterproof case the Yi is useful for only mild use, but with the case you can skydive, swim with the sharks and go downhill mountain biking and not worry about smashing your camera.

The clear case costs just $18.99 and is available for presale only with stock expect early May. The mount on the base means you can easily connect the Yi action camera to a GoPro style mount and even directly to the base of a quad-copter for aerial video.

Silicon case for the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

xiaomi yi action camera cover

If you don’t plan to use your Yi in heavy rain or near water at all then you could get away with one of these brightly coloured soft silicon rubber cases. The rubber is soft enough to wrap around the body of the cam and should keep dust and very light showers away from the electronics.

Prices for the Xiaomi Yi Silicone case are just $7.99 and colours available include red, pink, blue, purple, orange, black , green and white.

Xiaomi Yi Action camera chest mount

xiaomi yi chest mount

With the chest mount you can film footage at handle bar height with less worry of getting the camera knocked with a tree or branch. The chest mount itself is very similar to those made for GoPro cases, and even has a similar mounting system. The mount comes with an adapter that screws in to the base of the Yi and then slides in to place on the chest.

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Pricing for the Xiaomi Yi Action camera chest mount is just $9.99 which stock available now.

Xiaomi Yi Action camera wrist strap

xiaomi yi wrist mount

I’ve seen wrist straps used when sky diving, and I suppose you could also use one when on fishing or even firing a gun. If those are the types of activities you like to get involved in then this strap is on sale now and in stock for $9.99.

Xiaomi Yi Action camera lens cap

xiaomi yi lens cover

Considering the size of the fish eye lens on the Yi Action camera and the fact there is no case as standard, it is a pretty sad omission for there not to be a lens cap included! As Xiaomi haven’t provided one out of the box, accessory makers have produced them and in a range of colours.

Blue, black and white versions are available and at just $0.99 each you could buy a few as spares too.

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Head Mount

xiaomi yi head mount

If you are doing something that requires your hands to be free and doesn’t require a helmet then the Yi Action camera head mount is perfect. You could use this for climbing, hiking, exploring caves, and even making practical YouTube videos. Pricing is just $9.99 with stock available now.

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Handle Bar Mount

xiaomi yi handle bar mount

I’m not a fan of mounting a camera to the handle bar of your bike. The knocks and bumps would make the video unwatchable, but then again you could use this mount for plenty of other purposes if you have a good imagination. The price is good too at only $4.99.

Let us know if you have any other good links for Xiaomi Yi Camera accessories.

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