OnePlus will announce ‘something’ in a couple of days

OnePlus is one of those companies that are hard to ignore. They only have one phone in their kitty yet, and yet they manage to be in the headlines each time (for wrong or for good).

This time round, it is because they’ve been sending out invites for the launch of ‘something’ this April 20th… which is just a couple of days from now. What could it be? It most likely won’t be the OnePlus Two, which according to company CEO Pete Lau is a few months away from now. Having faced a lot of criticism for delaying OnePlus One shipments last year, one would imagine that they would shy from showing off the device now, with a good few months before actual shipments go out.

“From here on out, anything could happen,” is what the invite also reads… references of the same message can be found on the OnePlus website in certain sections.

More recently, OnePlus launched the DR-1 drone… which more than a product, was the result of a PR stunt. We know as much as you do about this upcoming launch, we’ve said our bit here and its up to you to let your thoughts out in the comments section below.

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