Latest OnePlus update brings “Hey OnePlus” to the phone


The OnePlus One finally receives a feature it was promised way back at launch. “Hey OnePlus” is now activated in the latest CM12 update.

There aren’t many phones on the market which enjoy a whole new ROM, as well as updates  for it’s original system, but this is exactly the case for the OPO. Shortly after releasing their own OxygenOS ROM, Cyanogen have released CM12, and now there is an update for that too.

The latest version of CM12, YNG1TAS17L, fixes a few issues with the previous build, but the major addition is the inclusion of voice assistant features activated by the phrase “Hey OnePlus”. The phrase replaces “OK Google”, and was promised as a feature of the 2014 Flagship killer during the early days of OnePlus.

The update asks users to train your OnePlus in to learning how you speak and sound for better recognition. The update is rolling out on OPO phones right now, users should keep an eye on update notifications over the coming days.


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