In the market for a Galaxy S6 Clone? Here are the specs for the Landvo S6

landvo s6

Chinese phone maker Landvo reveal their full specifications for the Landvo S6 Galaxy S6 clone. Is it just a cheap knock off or something worth considering?

Landvo have sent through the full specifications for the Landvo S6 phone, and insist that phone fans around the world will be excited about their clone phone. We’re not to convinced, but will let you guys be the judge.

It’s obvious that clone phone makers aren’t going to be able to copy the curved display of the flagship S6, but luckily for them Samsung make a flat screened version which has proven to be no trouble for Chinese factories to mimic.

A 5-inch HD (1280 x 720) display is up front using a “Full Bonded Technology”which we assume means that screen is securely stuck on and won’t simply drop off at whim. The display is bonded to a CNC metal chassis which measures 6.8mm.

Processing power come from a 32bit MT6582 chipset meaning no LTE support but there is space for dual SIM cards running on GSM or WCDMA networks (2100/850mhz). Memory is 1GB RAM and 16GB storage.

Landvo claim the main camera is a 16 mega-pixel unit, but we should all know by now what this actually means is something more like an 8 mega-pixel sensor with software interpolation to 16MP. The front camera is rated at 5 mega-pixels and the battery is a claimed 2550mAh.

landvo s6

Other details for the phone are a “heartbeat test”, “eye recognition features” and a “high-side light metal border, 9 kinds fabrication technology. per Metal border needs takes 111 minutes to polish.” INDEED!

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So there you have it the Landvo S6, has your pulse started to race? Do you need the “heartbeat test” the S6 has to offer? Or is this a phone you are going to give a miss?

If you wanted more info you could head to the Landvo website, but at this time it is offline…..

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