Israeli mobile software firm Kaymera develops cyber-defense platform for the OnePlus One

flash cm11s on chinese oneplus one

Kaymera, an Israel-based software firm just announced a multi-layered cyber-defense platform called Kaymera 360° for the OnePlus One.

According to the makers of the system, the Kaymera 360° “provides a comprehensive solution that perfectly balances high-end, military-grade mobile cyber defense techniques with a standard smartphone experience“.

The system is designed to avoid common attacks such as DoS (denial of service), man-in-the-middle interception techniques, Trojan attacks and more. In a way, it can be thought of as an independent Samsung KNOX rival… which surely won’t be making its way to the OnePlus One.

So if you’re a OnePlus One user, you might be interested in having the system installed on your smartphone if you’re a sucker for privacy (at an altogether different level).

Kaymera puts emphasis on the fact that the system goes along with the current OS so your usual habits aren’t required to be altered. As you would’ve imagined, the system is indeed proprietary — something you probably won’t mind, for it’ll be taking care of your privacy in exchange.

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