Breaking: iOcean Z1 will have new design and fingerprint scanner

iocean z1

Already offering 2 flagship phones, iOcean are looking to make it 3 with the release of a new phone under a new range. Take a look at the iOcean Z1!

We’ve seen the Rock, and the X9, but this is the first time we have seen the iOcean Z1. Specifications aren’t yet known, but the official leaked render of the device does answer a few key questions and gives us a general idea of what to expect from the phone.

Up front the display (5-inch?, 5.5-inch?) has a 2.5D taper to it which has become extremely popular with Chinese phone makers this year. The glass front looks to be bonded to an alloy chassis with two draws (for either dual sim or perhaps an SD card), while the rear of the phone has a brushed finish to it.

The rear also reveals a fingerprint scanner, and dual LED flash, both of which are features we haven’t seen on an iOcean phone so far this year.

There is currently no word on the specification, release date or price of the iOcean Z1 but we will let you all know once more news is available.

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