Meizu MX4 Pro discontinued! Could the MediaTek investment have something to do with this?

meizu mx4 pro review

A Meizu forum reveals that the most powerful of the recent lot of phones from Meizu, i.e., the MX4 Pro has been discontinued.

The MX4 Pro was announced a little after the initial MX4, which in itself was quite a success. We don’t really know why the phone is discontinued, but the development has been officially confirmed by the company. What is encouraging though is the fact that the MX4 Pro will continue to receive software support from the company.

This comes right around the time when rumours and leaks around the next Meizu flagship — the MX5 — are starting to show. From what we’re hearing, Meizu will be a little early this time in bringing the flagship phone for this year, which could possibly be within the next two months.

Also, if you connect the dots, the idea of MediaTek pressure arises in your mind. If you aren’t aware, MediaTek recently announced it would be investing in the smartphone maker; the MX4 Pro that is the current Meizu flagship, comes with a Samsung Exynos processor… which could be a last.

We hope the MX5 just doesn’t end up being a filler for the MX4 Pro just with a different processor.

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