Meizu may abandon their Flyme Smartbar

Some news emerged from Meizu this week, which can be worrying for many fans to their Flyme OS who may soon have to say goodbye to one of Meizu’s key OS features.

If you’ve ever used one of the Meizu devices or even others running their OS, you may have experienced some of the neat features that the system offers, one of them being the Flyme Smartbar.

The Flyme Smartbar simply consists in a on-screen control buttons for Flyme, the Smartbar adapts to the app which is running at the time, for example in a gallery the Smartbar will show additional options like Share and Edit buttons.

It’s a simple feature, but in fact is very creative and useful, and certainly appreciated by Flyme OS fans, but they may miss this feature very soon. We’ve already reported some news that indicate the next generation of Meizu phones coming with physical home buttons, but now there also news that Flyme will no longer have the smart bar features and that developers should not accept bug reports or requests for it.


The above email in a direct translation says “For 2015 our platform will no longer be associated with any smart bar, problems or updates will not be supported”.

We can not yet say for sure what will come to supply the lack of Smartbar, but does this mean that we will see a more traditional navigation set up on Meizu phones that we have not seen since the Meizu MX?

More news we’re going to report.


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