360 and Lenovo backed ZUK Z1 will boast Cyanogen, large battery and fingerprint scanner

lenovo zuk z1

What’s this? A Chinese start up with big ambitions has announced a flagship phone for later this year with Cyanogen? Sounds like De Ja Vu!

After the Cyanogen and OnePlus bust up, we have seen CM pop up on all sorts of phones, but there are still only a few venders who actually work side by side with the alternate ROM maker, and now there is a + 1.

Start up ZUK plan to release a new phone called the ZUK Z1, now before you go and pass this off as another no namer phone hoping to cash in the story is a little different here. You see ZUK are backed by Chinese software company 360, aka Qihoo and phone maker Lenovo. The venture cost Qihoo a cool $409 million so it is safe to say that they aren’t messing about!

The flagship phone named the ZUK Z1 will be announced in the 2nd half of the year and so far we know that it will feature CM out of the box as well as a large battery and fingerprint scanner.

The CM connection points out that ZUK hope to market their phone outside of China, so we could be looking at a OnePlus alternative here, one with CM and the backing of some major players!

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