Check out Ulefone Be Touch 2’s slow-motion capabilities

It feels like it hasn’t been long since we posted the Be Touch review, but there’s already the Be Touch 2 coming. Ulefone seem to have some of the best marketing folks from the ‘export’ Chinese companies that we know of.

Ulefone posted some camera samples from the Be Touch 2 on their blog recently. The company also states that they “can see a great leap over the image quality of the phone” after their technical staff’s efforts. The original Be Touch, as you might already know, suffered from poor-ish software, and that is something Ulefone seems to have addressed with the Be Touch 2.

Nonetheless, take a look at some photos that the company posted. Also notice the video at the end, where the slow motion and object tracking features of the device are shown off. Object tracking does seem pretty cool, something perhaps like they use during sports telecast. Also, slow motion seems to have an iPhone 6-style control on the top which allows you to decide which part of the video is played back in slo-mo.

Ulefone Be Touch 2 Slow Motion and Object Tracking

Ulefone Be Touch 2 Sample Photos

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