OnePlus 2 will have a 3300mAh battery

Apart from letting fans and the media know that the OnePlus 2 would be smaller in footprint than the One, OnePlus also announced the battery size for the upcoming flagship.

The company said that the OnePlus 2 would have a 3300mAh battery, up from 3100mAh of the One. From the AMA hosted on Reddit:

Although the OnePlus 2 is smaller than the OnePlus One we’ve managed to pack almost 10% more juice: the OnePlus 2 will have a whooping 3300mAh battery!

Camera-wise, we have a bunch of things that we believe will set the OnePlus 2 apart, but we’ll leave the details for the launch

So far, the OnePlus 2 is known to have the following:

The last part, i.e., the invite system is something that might not go down too well with buyers. Besides, there hasn’t been anything that would blow the buyers’ mind so far, or is it? Android Central note that OnePlus will try to better the invite system. Time will tell how that turns out!

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