No.1 X6800 has a massive battery, but it can run without one!

No.1, as you know, is on a conscious mission to make a name for itself in the rugged smartphone category. The No.1 X1 was one such phone that impressed to an extent, but the folks at No.1 don’t seem satisfied just yet.

In the recent past, we broke news about the No.1 X6800 which wasn’t just a rugged phone, but one with a massive battery — 6800mAh to speak numbers. It turns out it doesn’t end there; the No.1 X6800 can also run without a battery. Yes, you read it right — the phone works without a battery!

There’s no word yet on how long the phone will run with a completely drain battery (or without one, for that matter), but what we’ve heard so far is music to our ears. The phone quite clearly has a backup battery embedded inside its battery that perhaps acts as an intermediary between the main cell and the phone’s internals, so its more than likely its capacity wouldn’t be comparable to the main battery.

Nonetheless, ‘a phone that can run without a battery’… how cool does that sound? Quite a bit. Before you ask a resller to shut up and take your money, however, you’re advised to wait till word is actually out on the exact specs of this ninja cell.

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