This mega charging station lets you charge 60 devices at once!

We’ve all been there before. Those moments when really need to finish that one important email or text when your phone starts alerts you that you’re at 4%, and you scuttle as quickly as possible to the closest power outlet, only to find someone already occupying that spot. Apparently some inventor somewhere faced this problem way too much, and decided that the only way to overcome this problem was to make a mega charging station with 60 USB ports. Yup, you heard that right.

This massive brick of a device comes in three variants, a 20-port version, a 40-port version, and a (pretty much overkill) 60-port version, ensuring you’ll never have moment in life where you’ve got too many devices to charge at once. The charging station supports most smartphones and tablets, from the Nexus 5 all the way to the iPad Air 2 just in case that one Apple fanboy in your family decides to join your family reunion party.

The 20-port version will set you back at $60, the 40-port version costs a sum of $100, and the monstrous 60-port version may tear a hole in your wallet at $130. All three versions can be found here. What do you think about this device? Would you ever consider purchasing something like this for any occasion? Tell us in the comments below.

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