Huawei’s 13,000mAh power bank on sale in Malaysia for RM 128 ($33)

Power banks come pretty cheap these days. I usually refrain from using the word ‘cheap’ (the word ‘affordable’ is a more appropriate alternative most times), but power banks these days defy ‘affordable’. They’re cheap.

That isn’t particularly the case with the Huawei 13,000mAh power bank though. It is still not out of reach of everyday buyers though, priced at a sort-of lucrative RM 128 (US$33).

The power bank comes with 2x USB ports to charge your electronics, an 13,000mAh should be plenty capacity to charge something like your phone more than thrice. That is, if you don’t own something like the Oukitel K10000, you know.

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Xiaomi’s alternatives are usually cheaper, which holds true in this case as well. The 16,000mAh Xiaomi power bank goes for only RM 79 (US$21), so its up to you to pick one between the two Chinese brands.

If you’re keen on getting the Huawei though, you can do so via where the power bank goes for RM 128.

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  1. paul
    July 14, 2015

    Absolutely right !!