The D Watch 2 is a super cheap Apple Watch clone

Every Apple product, be it a phone, a laptop or even a USB cable is cloned in China. More often than not, these clones are less than a third of the price of the original.

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there are a few companies that actually price their clones higher (not sure who buys these or how many are actually made).

dwatch 2

Nonetheless, this piece is to talk about the new ‘D Watch 2’ smartwatch from China which costs a mere US$39 (and that includes worldwide postage — you can what imagine the cost of making the product would be).

The D Watch 2 attempts to recreate the Apple Watch design, but of course, cuts corners (to put it mildly).

The D Watch 2 claims to have enough tech in it to offer features like pedometer, sleep monitoring, notification relay from your phone, and others. Oh and yes, since 2.5D curved glass is a fad in China at the moment, the D Watch 2 does that too.

If you’re interested in getting yourself one of these, you can head over to GearBest.

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