OnePlus 2 will have a 13MP laser-focus enabled camera

OnePlus may have stopped revealing crucial specs of their upcoming OnePlus 2 smartphone, but the company has ensured it stays in the news regardless.

This time round, Marques Brownlee (the man behind the MKBHD YouTube channel) was supplied with a OnePlus 2, the camera review of which he just posted. As Marques mentions (and as you can conclude), there’s nothing groundbreaking about the OnePlus 2 camera but it is at the same time a pretty decent performer.

What you might want to look out for though is the part where the focus speeds of the camera is shown — its pretty darn fast, and that’s possible only because of the laser autofocus that the phone possesses.

Also, the video reveals that the camera has an aperture of f/2.0, which honestly is a little disappointing because its been a while since phones started being shipped with larger aperture lenses such as f/1.8.

Nonetheless, take a look at the video below. Other OnePlus 2 info that should concern you:

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