Asus ZenFone 2E for $119 on AT&T (contract free)

The Asus ZenFone 2E based on the budget ZenFone 2 ZE500CL is now on sale though AT&T.

The phone can be yours for a mere US$119, without having to oblige for a contract. The phone is powered by the Intel Z2560 SoC, which has a dual-core CPU. Along with that, the ZenFone 2E has 1GB of RAM, 8GB on-board storage and a camera combo with an 8 mega-pixel rear and a 2 mega-pixel front facing sensors.

The device can be had via Walmart and Target for now. July 24 onwards the phone will be available through AT&T stores, while Best Buy will offer the device starting August 2nd.

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With a 5-inch 1280 x 720p screen and 2200mAh battery, the phone looks like a decent option for buyers that aren’t looking to invest a lot in their secondary Android phone. Also, for the amount of money that the ZenFone 2E comes, you won’t be losing a lot when compared to a Chinese phone.

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  1. Yeti hand
    July 22, 2015

    is this supposed to be a deal??

    • Mephisto Zap
      July 22, 2015

      Well for a new phone in north america in retail stores its a OK deal at this pricepoint. Almost no Chinese phones have the right LTE bands for North America.

    • balcobomber25
      July 23, 2015

      For the US $119 from a carrier is a deal believe it or not. Due to subsidization in the US most phones sell for twice what they would be if they came from China. That’s why companies like Blu have been so successful. Their isn’t much choice for cheap unlocked phones in the US.

  2. joe mont
    July 22, 2015

    I’m never buying a Lenovo phone again, so much bloat that it makes it very frustrating to use. They cant just leave android alone.

    • balcobomber25
      July 23, 2015

      What does Lenovo have to do with an Asus phone……?

    • Rob
      July 23, 2015

      Whilst I partially agree with your comment (they still haven’t released a stable lollipop build for the z2 pro), I can’t see what this has to do with Asus releasing a phone for the American market!