Open Thread: OnePlus 2 leak, ugly or otherwise?

OnePlus is finally ready to come out with its second phone. There’s been an unimaginable amount of anticipation, a lot of drama, heavy speculation and of course, a fair share of rumours.

Today however was a milestone as far as info about the upcoming OnePlus 2 is concerned. Earlier today, we got our hands on what seem like actual OnePlus 2 images for the first time ever. As you would expect from a company like OnePlus, the OnePlus 2 does look like a very radical device, at least design wise.

OnePlus 2: Ugly or otherwise?

Here we’d like to ask you: does the phone seem ugly to you, or is it a device you’re yearning to own? Of course, what you answer will be based on the leaks. It does seem like what we’re seeing are indeed actual images of the OnePlus 2.

So, leave your inhibitions and let us know — is the OnePlus 2 ugly, or otherwise?

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