IFA 2015: Hisense Magic Mirror tablet gets Retina display and narrow bezels

hisense magic mirror tablet

As well as a few new smartphones, Hisense also had a couple of new tablets at IFA, the most interesting being the Hisense Magic Mirror.

This 8.4-inch tablet is aimed at people who want a larger, high-resolution panel in their hands, but don’t want to fumble around with a huge body and massive bezels.

Not a lot of information is at hand for the Magic Mirror at this time, and the Hisense crew couldn’t offer much additional info either as the product was just being added to the display as I rolled up and got in the way.

What I could see of the 8.4-inch tablet is that is measures only 3.5mm at its thinnest and 7.5mm at its thickest point. The display has very narrow bezels which I feel might hinder and increase the chance of accidental touches on the 2560 x 1600 Retina panel.

Dolby offer their audio expertise on the Hisense Magic Mirror while a 1.8Ghz Rockchip RK3288 chipset and 2GB RAM runs the Android 5.0 OS. Storage options will come in either 16GB or 32GB.

Hisense staff did give me a USB drive, but an empty file of press releases isn’t very useful.

More from IFA through the day and tomorrow.

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