LeTV offering discounts on all its phones September 19th

Antutu Shootout- LeTV Le Max vs OnePlus 2 vs Meizu MX5

LeTV have reportedly decided to offer its phones at discounted prices to buyers in China.

The sale will hold for one day, on Saturday i.e., 19th September or ‘919’. LeTV have arranged fixed numbers of the phones for sale, but even after those sell out, buyers will be able to get the devices for a price below the usual selling price.

Regardless of the model, storage option or anything else, the LeTV phones will go for 500 Yuan off of the normal price. This means that buyers will be able to take home the awesome LeTV S1 for as low as 999 Yuan (US$160) for the 16GB version, which, honestly, is a crazy good price to pay for a phone like that.

Take a look below to see how much each phone will cost during the sale.

LeTV S1 Max

  • Normal Price: 2999 Yuan (32GB Silver) / 3199 Yuan (64GB Silver) / 3299 Yuan (64GB gold) / 3699 Yuan (128GB gold)
  • Discounted Price: 2499 Yuan (32GB Silver) / 2699 Yuan (64GB Silver) / 2799 Yuan (64GB gold) / 3199 Yuan (128GB gold)

LeTV S1 Pro

  • Normal Price: 2499 Yuan (32GB Silver) / 2599 Yuan (32GB gold) / 2699 Yuan (64GB Silver) / 2799 Yuan (64GB Gold)
  • Discounted Price: 1999 Yuan (32GB Silver) / 2099 Yuan (32GB gold) / 2199 Yuan (64GB Silver) / 2299 Yuan (64GB Gold)


  • Normal Price: 1499 Yuan (16GB) / 1599 Yuan (32GB)
  • Discounted Price: 999 Yuan (16GB) / 1099 Yuan (32GB)
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