Ramos Mos 1 Max – 6000mAh+ battery, 6-inch+ display

ramos mos 1 max

Tablet maker Ramos release 2nd teaser for big battery Ramos Mos 1 Max phablet.

Ramos are scheduled to release their 2nd Android smartphone in October, and it’s going to be a big one. I mean physically, this phone is going to be huge!

Like every smartphone maker from China, Ramos are attempting to build some hype around their latest creation with timed leaks and teasers hinting at partial details of the new phone. Already the company have teased that the device will boast a 6xxx mAh battery, making it one of the few phones to offer a monster 6000mAh+ battery. Today a new teaser gives us a nod towards the size of the phone.

Named the Mos 1 Max, we had a feeling the phone would be a phablet, and that’s been confirmed now with the new image telling of a 6.xx-inch display. At 6-inch the Mos 1 Max would be larger than most current flagships, but given their tablet roots we believe the final size will be 6.45-inch.

With a giant screen and giant battery, we hope the rest of the hardware is going to be exciting enough to be worth a look.

Do you have spec hopes for this monster phablet? Let us know in the comments below.

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