Yu Yutopia (aka ‘most powerful phone on the planet’) will sport a metal body

Sensationalism is here to stay, and it is something that’s turning out to be cheaper than traditional marketing for most phone brands, many of which are micro-brands.

Yu is a Micromax subsidiary which has been talking about the Yu Yutopia lately, hailing it as the ‘most powerful phone on the planet’. We, however, will reserve our judgements for later.

A teaser sent out today, from Yu, confirms that the Yutopia will have an all-metal design. But what’s a teaser without a dig at a competitor’s product? The Yu teaser came complete with that — it said ‘R.I.P. Plastic and Sandstone’. Sandstone, if you aren’t aware, is a finish made popular by OnePlus with the One and later, the OnePlus 2.

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There have been no official announcements from Yu about the specs of the phone. However, preliminary leaks and benchmark listings have told us that the Yutopia will have a Snapdragon 810 SoC, 4GB of RAM and a 5.2-inch 1080p display, which in essence will make it a OnePlus 2 competitor.

As for the rest of the specs of the OnePlus 2, there’s expected to be a 21 mega-pixel camera on the rear, an 8 mega-pixel one on the front with the phone running Cyanogen OS 12.1 based on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

If Yu manage to price the Yutopia under the $350 (or under 23,000 INR) mark, it’ll make things interesting.

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  1. Muhammad Yasir
    October 20, 2015

    too expensive …

    this coming from a Pakistani

    • King
      October 20, 2015

      If same specced as 1+ 2, then cyanogen is the difference. Plus it won’t have an invite system.

  2. balcobomber25
    October 20, 2015

    “Most Powerful” aka “same specs as most other flagships”.

    • Joel Adames
      October 20, 2015


    • Guaire
      October 20, 2015

      For a couple of months.

  3. Joel Adames
    October 20, 2015

    REAL BEAST = ???
    A. Better than SD810 hand warmer
    B. Better than 4Gb ram as LeTv plans or ddr4
    C. Great battery (zuk z1 area)
    D. Camera not suck at 21mpx and 8mpx
    E. Up-to-date graphics card
    F. Full proper OS smooth integration

    Because if someone looks for a REAL BEAST phone is either for gaming or bragging rights so back me up on this one.

  4. Joel Adames
    October 20, 2015

    Then again we are yet to know which planet are they referring to ??????

  5. Raul
    October 20, 2015

    Biggest bullshit on the planet maybe

  6. jasneskis
    October 20, 2015

    Even if their claims were true. The phone is too small.

  7. jimberkas
    October 20, 2015

    5.2″ is perfect size. The specs look pretty darn good. will see if they deliver on price and battery life

  8. rajnish kumar
    October 21, 2015

    The X-men wolverine scratch suggests that Hugh Jackman will be used to promote this #BEAST

  9. Airyl
    October 21, 2015

    I’m worried Yu might go down the OnePlus route where they talk too much smack and then underdeliver.

  10. Conspiracy Theorist
    October 21, 2015

    “Most powerful phone on planet”….
    MY FOOT!!!
    These morons are there to fool indian people by such pathetic claims!!!
    Xiaomi will wipe this micromax from India.