Xiaomi finally hints at foraying into the US market

xiaomi mi4c review

It’s been a few years since Xiaomi’s products have been in large demand in countries other than just its home market of China. The US happens to be a market that Xiaomi has been eyeing for a while, and if things go alright from here on, it might soon happen.

Xiaomi co-foudner and president Bin Lin has indicated that the young Chinese phone maker wants to break into the lucrative US market, where a lot of Xiaomi phones have ended up in the past thanks to resellers.

China is where the comfort zone for Xiaomi lies. Right after the company entered the Indian market in the middle of 2014, it was slapped a lawsuit by Ericsson which meant Xiaomi had to stop selling its MediaTek phones in the country.

As CNBC notes, problems like that are going to be aplenty for Xiaomi when it does enter the US market. Not only because it is called the ‘Apple of the East’, but also because many of Xiaomi’s phones bear uncanny resemblance to the iPhone.

It was noted, however, that Bin Lin mentioned the company was considering selling its Mi Note and Mi Note Pro phones in the US.

While that would mean that US consumers don’t get a tonne of other Xiaomi products (such as TVs, scooters, and water purifiers), it’ll still be a start.

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