Unboxing: UMi eMax Mini

We have just received UMi’s first non Mediatek device, watch our UMi eMax unboxing video here.

The UMi eMax mini is more than just the smaller brother of the 5.5-inch eMax, but also the first Snapdragon Qualcomm smartphone from the phone maker so far. UMi say that they have TCL building the eMax mini and that a Snapdragon 615 chipset beats beneath the 5-inch FHD display. This is a great move for the company but might not be the best move for users, you see the octacore SD615 has been a poor choice for both Xiaomi and Vivo, even OnePlus are avoiding it for their 5-incher coming tomorrow.

Still the use of a Qualcomm processor does open up the possibility of custom ROMs for the $139.99 UMi, selling point in itself to some customers.

We’ve already mentioned the display is a 5-inch panel, it also has a FHD resolution of 1920 x 1080, quite a high resolution for a 5-inch phone. The icing on the cake is the manufacturer of the panel is Sharp and in my short time with the phone it seems like a vibrant panel.

The original eMax was marketed as a phone with large battery, it’s mini brother doesn’t have as large a battery but at a claimed 3050mAh it isn’t bad for the specs. That said the battery is non removable so we do hope it gives good performance in everyday use.

You can see the battery in the eMax Mini by removing the rear panel which is where you can also find the dual SIM card places and room for micro SD card. The inside of the phone is all plastic as far as we can see, as is the border of the phone. This makes the eMax mini feel lightweight but a little too light for my tastes (I like a little heft to my phones).

Final details are an Android 5.0.2 OS running a slightly customised ROM, not many changes just the launcher and icons by the looks of it. There are also a 13 mega-pixel rear and 8 mega-pixel front camera, both are fast but quality cannot be judged at this stage.

For now that’s all, if you have any questions about the UMi eMax Mini please feel free to ask below. Thanks to Pandawill for providing our review sample.

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