LeTV Le 1S available from 12th November from EU

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The LeTV Le 1S is the thorn in the side of OnePlus and Xiaomi. The value packed phone has already proven to be popular and will be available with shipping from the EU from 12th November.

Over in China millions of people have already pre-ordered the LeTV Le 1s for it’s tech packed feature list. This phone builds on the already fantastic Le1 (review here) with the addition of a fingerprint scanner and new all alloy build, but at a lower price.

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Full specifications for the Le1s include an octacore Mediatek Helio X10 chipset, 3GG RAM, 32GB internal memory, 5.5-inch FHD 1920 x 1080 display, and dual sim FDD-LTE. Pricing from the Shop.Gizchina.Com European warehouse is only $249.99 (that’s $50 less than the Le 1 pricing at launch) with shipping commencing from 12th November.

We also have a review sample of this exciting phone winging its way to us as we speak and will get our first impressions of the device posted as soon as possible.

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  1. monkeytree
    November 7, 2015

    LeTV phones have no LTE band 20, so no nationwide 4G in most European countries… 🙁

    • GoldenBoy
      November 7, 2015

      nationwide 4G?
      I’m European too, and every carrier not use only band 20 ( 800 ), but 1800 and 2600 MHz too.
      The speed of band 20, in my country, is little to none better than a H+ coverage, and only one carrier use it massively, the others use 1800 and 2600 more than the 800…
      This only to say that, yes band 20 missing is a lack but it’s not so important and the lack is more or less important in function of where you live and how carriers managed their networks.

      • monkeytree
        November 7, 2015

        Where do you live? In my country, The Netherlands, 1800 Mhz/band 3 and other bands are only limitedly available in big cities. I live only 12 km from Amsterdam, but the only 4g I can get here is on 800Mhz/band 20. The situation is the same in many other European countries. Btw: over here band 3 in big cities is mainly set up as a booster band for future cat 6 and higher modems.

        • reb
          November 7, 2015

          You are wrong.
          “The situation is the same in many other countries” is close to a lie, if not one 🙂
          Band 800 is not implemented in many European countries, or to say it better, not well implemented or well expanded. It is in expansion process since very few years and the implantation velocity is really slow. In fact, all what GoldenBoy said is the real thing: the OPs use 1800 or 2600, which of course have less reaching power as the 800 and therefore they cannot reach such long distances.
          It is the same as what hapenned before with 3G and the 900 band: the great difference is that that one had a better expansion process.
          I can tell you a few countries now if you like:
          Germany has 800 but only a few companies (e.g. TMobile), and the coverage I experienced in my zone is really bad for 800.
          Italy, what, 800? 😉 Ask Wind, etc etc.
          Spain is in process, but still many work to do and many times the rate is close to 3G.
          … And I can continue if you like…

          And by the way, they can said, on paper, 90% coverage or whatever, but the reality is always a complete different thing. So yeah, the 800 it is a minor thing nowadays. You can always surf with your 900 3G if you live far away (at least it is better implemented). Wait for maybe 2 years to have a well 800 reception.

          • Nam Dang
            November 10, 2015

            Not agreeing with you considering your argument about LTE Band 20 (800 Mhz) in Germany.
            There are 3 main companies now (T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2 [merged with E-Plus, but only up to UMTS for now) who all use LTE Band 20.
            T-Mobile: 22%

            Vodafone: 82%

            O2: 99%

            Numbers are from 2014, but you can tell LTE 800Mhz somehow has its attractivity.

      • MattD
        November 7, 2015

        It’s the same story we had with band 900 in 3g two years ago: the lower the frequency is, the lower is the connection speed, but the coverage is far greater and it allows you to keep your connection in inconvenient situations (like when you are in a house and there are several walls and buildings around). That’s why, a couple of years ago, it was a deal breaker the lack of band 900, at least here in italy, and it’s the same story with band 20: people don’t want it for the speed, but to be always connected, considering how weak is the signal in many areas.

        Ironically, i haven’t got a 4g contract yet, so it really doesn’t bother me 😀
        And, all in all, untill last year many of us were connected with a “simple” 3g, and we weren’t that disappointed, so talking about the b20 as a deal breaker seems to me quite exaggerated…

      • thor2001
        November 7, 2015

        You’re talking about Telekom Germany, because that are their bands.

        you use Vodafone (in Germany), which operates at 800 MHz and 2600 MHz,
        you will lose at least about 50% of 4G-coverage. 800 MHz is also used in
        towns/cities, where it’s 3 (up to 10) times faster than their 3G speed.
        So it’s utter BS talking about getting the same (or almost the same) speed on 3G…
        Their 4G is less crowded than 3G.

        O2 only uses 800 MHz for 4G, so no 4G at all if you’re their costumer.

        almost every european country is at least one provider is using 800 MHz,
        and even worldwide there are several different countries, where it’s

  2. Nicola
    November 7, 2015

    I have to choose this or letv x600 ,what is better on display and camera?

  3. yalok
    November 7, 2015

    Is there a black version? I couldn’t find in google 🙁

    • RoS
      November 7, 2015

      Only silver and gold afaik

  4. Raul
    November 7, 2015

    and how much will it really cost after the shipping fees?

    • Lars
      November 7, 2015

      About 263€ with EU Direct to Europe.

      • GoldenBoy
        November 9, 2015

        is that a joke? lol
        At 250+€ i will wait for a bit long for a price reduction or for another device…so many articles about the cheap price, and then shops sell it at non cheap price?

  5. jimberkas
    November 7, 2015

    waiting with cash in hand here in the US…

  6. balcobomber25
    November 7, 2015

    Does this have a fingerprint scanner? Nevermind misread it. Seems like an intriguing option.

  7. CoinPhone
    November 8, 2015

    Does this has Gyrosensor and G-Sensor? Some reviews say Yes, some say otherwise. Antutu definitely says NO. Can someone confirm? Thanks!

    • GoldenBoy
      November 9, 2015

      android 5.0.2???

  8. Sansa
    November 9, 2015

    Time to gizchina sell replacements parts as well. I mean, waiting 1month for a screen from aliexpress, sucks!

  9. DC
    November 10, 2015

    Can I confirm that the LeTY 1s does support either a 2nd SIM or a SD card (if so up to 128 GB or 64GB?) also it have the LeTV Hifi chip for the headphone. Thanks