Snapdragon 820 could come tomorrow; the ZUK Z2, next year

zuk z1 review

While we at GizChina think that the ZUK Z1 is a tad overpriced, the general consensus from the buyers seems to be in contradiction.

ZUK officials today confirmed the launch of the successor to the ZUK Z1, i.e., the Z2. The device is now confirmed to come out next year, with some software updates for the existing Z1… the launches might even coincide. There was contrasting word on the ZUI Android 6.0 update; while the CEO reckoned it would be out by December end (public beta), ZUK co-founder maintained it;d come only by March. Perhaps a misunderstanding.

It isn’t a surprise that the Z2 will take a while coming; the Z1 could’ve had better sales if it had a newer processor (that is in no way to suggest that the Snapdragon 801 is a dud), and ZUK seem to be in no mood to have anything but the Snapdragon 820 on the Z2.

Speaking of the Snapdragon 820, the SoC is expected to be debuted as early as tomorrow by the Qualcomm folks. But that doesn’t guarantee availability of mass-produced SoCs for phone makers, which is why the first quarter of 2015 2016 is the earliest you should expect the first Snapdragon 820 phones… nothing before that.

You can read our review of the ZUK Z1 by following this link.

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