India’s Wickedleak is working on a smartwatch with a curved display

Wickedleak is known for its affordable phones and sometimes tablets in India. This time round, the Mumbai-based company has something altogether different in the cooking.

It’s a smartwatch. Wickedleak claim it’s no regular watch, but one with a ‘premium build and CNC stainless steel’ and a ‘curved display’.

Interestingly, Wickedleak mention the smartwatch will sell for under 10,000 INR or $150. That’s usually around how much their phones cost in India, so Wickedleak is (i) either betting really big on the smartwatch, or (ii) playing the OnePlus One game — under 10,000 INR could also mean 2,000 INR.

There’s no word on the specs or the model name. All we know is that this is going to be Wickedleak’s first ever smartwatch.

Sources also tell us that this watch is going to be compatible with Android as well as iOS devices.

The last time we talked about Wickedleak, it was for the Wammy Titan 5 launch, a device GizChina patrons recognise as the Elephone P8000 usually.

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