UMi tease Helio X10 powered, 4GB RAM flagship for $199

umi helio x10 flagship

Hello X10, 4GB RAM and a price tag of just $199! Is this another competivily priced flagship from OnePlus? No, its another headline grabber from UMi.

UMi are once again after the headlines with news that they are working on a new flagship device that will pack the popular Mediatek Helio X10 chipset, and 4GB RAM with a price tag of only $199! This comes just after the company claimed to have received 100,000 pre-orders for the UMi Rome, a phone with 3GB RAM and AMOLED panel at only $89 (during the pre-sale event).

The details of the new UMi flagship also came with a teaser photo, showing a gold bodied phone sitting in a Christmas Tree. The phones body seems to be a unibody design and we can see a 3.5mm headphone jack and (perhaps) IR remote in the top.

With 4GB RAM and a Helio X10 the phone is going to go up against devices like the Meizu MX5, Meizu Metal, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, and the LeTV Le1s. We assume that we can also expect to see a fingerprint scanner on the flagship like the UMi Iron Pro.

We wait to see if the $199 price tag is the final retail price of a pre-sale offer, when the phone is officially unveiled.

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