UMi release details of their UMi Touch “user-defined” phone

umi apollo

So we are approaching the end of the first week of 2016 and we’re already getting word of ‘user defined’ smartphone from UMi.

UMi have been holding a questionnaire over on their website called ‘Project Apollo’. The project is UMi’s attempt at creating the world’s first ‘user defined’ Android smartphone.

It’s a simple idea, you simply answer which specifications you would like to see on UMi’s next smartphone and the company will attempt to build the ‘ideal’ phone based on the communities views.

It’s a great idea in theory, so what has the Apollo Project created?

UMi Touch: user defined and crowd funded smartphone

According to UMi their findings showed that customers want the following in their upcoming phone;

Gizchina News of the week

  • MT6753 chipset
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB memory
  • 5.5-inch FHD Sharp display
  • 13 mega-pixel Sony IMX238
  • Fingerprint scanner on the front
  • 3800-4000mAh battery
  • Full metal unibody
  • Dual WIFI
  • $99.99 price

I’m not sure who these people were who want the Mediatek MT6753 chipset, but I suppose for $99.99 the hardware looks ok.

So will you be able to simply order the UMi Touch from an online store? It seems not, and instead some sort of crowd funding will be help to finance the device.

What do you think of UMi’s first crowd funded phone? Would you change any of the specifications? and what do you think of the crowd funding approach?

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  1. Young
    January 7, 2016

    Too many phones with zero support. I will choose Ulefone to UMI.

  2. MattD
    January 7, 2016

    Yeah, i totally believe it, a metal elephone p8000: that’s everyone’s dream when a new generation of new smartphones with newer and better specifications is just about to be launched -_-

  3. realjjj
    January 7, 2016

    1080p at 99$ and 3GB of RAM looks more than ok. we’ll see if they can deliver, it would be rather exciting actually to reach this price for such specs today.

    • Aa
      January 7, 2016

      “1080p at 99$ and 3GB of RAM looks more than ok.”

      It actually looks almost impossible. Too cheap for that specifications. Okay, it can be that cheap, but with poor battery, poor camera, poor build quality and poor OS (or any of above). It is not all about performance.

      • realjjj
        January 7, 2016

        Batteries are cheap, for 4000mAh they likely pay 3-5$ depending on quality. Cams are costly, at least very good ones but to be fair not that many users can tell the difference between ok and great and at 100$ it’s ok if the cam is 8MP interpolated.

  4. 1
    January 7, 2016

    This is going to be a FHD screen, just like umi rome has an amoled screen

  5. alan4195
    January 7, 2016

    “User defined” might as well by synonymous with “unfocused” in this case, because too many people have too many different preferences when it comes to the key features of their cell phone.

    For example, a $99 price tag, while nice in theory, is completely unrealistic for a device lf this caliber. To keep the price at $99 they’d have to cut serious corners in other key areas, which means you’re going to end up with a typical $99 phone. Conversely, if they pack in a powerful SoC, stellar rear camera sensor, and premium build quality, they’re not getting anywhere near a $99 price point.

    If Umi wants to make a phone that appeals to as broad an audience as possible they should take a page out of the OnePlus One playbook and design a phone that, while not class-leading in any one area, is at least above average in every category, reasonable pricing included. I mean, why alienate ANY potentional customer?

  6. sai bhagavan
    January 7, 2016

    Mt 6752 or it’s m version will be better….

  7. January 7, 2016

    Another average phone that will get lost in a sea of average phones. If they want to truly stand out and release a real “user-defined” phone, then be the first to release a CTO (configure to order) phone like what you can do with PCs. This would take Moto Maker to its exhaustive end by allowing customers to choose not only the color and back cover material, but also the SoC, RAM, internal storage, battery size, screen size, etc. Yeah, a pipe dream for now…

    • curamrda
      January 7, 2016

      agree. I have ordered my dream phone yesterday – Ulefone Power. But I would rather wanted 5″ screen and 2sim slots + extra sd card slot and 4gb ram + 32GB ram…but I will survive that

      • Tony Lee
        January 7, 2016

        how much you wanna pay 🙂

        • curamrda
          January 8, 2016

          up to 300usd

        • January 8, 2016

          That depends on what you want in your phone.

  8. Seven-pr
    January 8, 2016

    Never Never expect to use a very low price, buy a high-profile high-quality phone, because you may only concern a few places they focus publicity, but ignored the other aspects, like the ROme uMI, as the same 2.0L engine cars, Mercedes-Benz will be much more expensive than the Honda.

    • d
      January 8, 2016

      Are you going to keep spamming every page with this message? Dumb ulefone spy

    January 8, 2016

    Dont understand why such a heavy pressure of 99$ for such a good specs…should retail for 150$ and up…considering Umi’s past experience of product quality,maybe people have demanded such low price…I pity the low wage workers who will be at receiving end of such low end prices..the top level will surely make their salaries and pass on the shitty “But market is very price conscious,we have to reduce costs,salary cannot improve” theory to lower end workers….Thats just my gut feel.