Xiaomi Mi 5 won’t have a 2K display, but a 1080p one!

Slowly but steadily, Xiaomi’s Mi 5 is turning into a something more than just a fabled phone. The device will come later this month, and while at it, it’ll have taken its own sweet time. It better be good, are the words echoing around the talks about the Mi 5.

Latest news from the Xiaomi stable is that the Mi 5 will not be a 2K phone but a 1080p one. This might seem surprising to some, but for those who’ve been following — or even using — Xiaomi’s Mi lineup, it’s totally what they’d have expected.

While the Mi Note and the Redmi Note series of phones takes care of large-screen phone lovers, the Mi series has always been about one-handed usage and practicality, minus the spec overload.

This bit of news comes from Xiaomi’s senior VP, Liwan Jiang. ‘Black Screen Technology’ is another term Jiang mentioned, which is something the Mi 5’s screen will incorporate. Could it refer to an AMOLED panel? Time will tell.

What we know about the Xiaomi Mi 5 so far includes its launch date (24th February), SoC (Snapdragon 820), battery (3600mAh) and now, the screen resolution (1080p). That said, the resolution could be a bit of a giveaway about the screen size; our bet would be on a 5.2-inch panel. What do you think?

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