Meizu MX6 4000mAh, Helio X20 for 1799 Yuan?

Meizu MX6 4000mAh, Helio X20 for 1799 Yuan?

meizu mx6

Rumours today suggest that the Meizu MX6 will be the companies first phone to support all Chinese networks and may be priced at 200 Yuan less than the up coming Xiaomi Mi5.

After details of a mastery Meizu phone showed up in official documents recently, the Meizu community are now concerning themselves with the possible launch of get another top of the range Flyme machine.

According to reports this morning, the MX6 will support all current Chinese 3G and 4G LTE networks making it the first Meizu to be offered in one model compatible with all networks. This is good news for Chinese buyers but what about the rest of the hardware?

meizu mx6

Apparently the Meizu MX6 will continue with a similar thin bezel design to the MX5, but will see an upgrade to the Mediatek Helio X20, 4GB RAM and a larger 4000mAh battery. The phone is also said to have an 8 mega-pixel front camera and 20.7 mega-pixel rear.

The use of a Mediatek chip in the MX6 could also suggest that the MX and Pro lines will continue to run separately from one another. MX phones could continue picking up the latest Mediatek hardware while the Pro 6 could retain a Samsung Exynos chip (or even move to Qualcomm).

Reports go on to suggest a retail price of 1799 Yuan ($276) for the phone. In comparison the it s expected that Xiaomi might retain the 1999 Yuan price point of the Xiaomi Mi5, but it’s phone will sport a Snapdragon 820 chipset. 200 Yuan price difference in China might seem like a lot, but for international buyers there isn’t going to be much difference between to the retail price of either once resellers have added their cut.

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  • Steven Fox

    It will be slower than the MX5 Pro in general, so a smaller price tag is to be expected.
    I do believe the MTK have a really strong competition from Qualcomm this year, unlike in 2015, so they might have dropped the price on the X20.

  • Abdou Azzedine (A2Z)

    Waiting for pro 6
    6′ inch Full hd
    Exynos 8970 4 gb lpddr4 ( t880 mp10 ) *_*
    4000mah battery

    • Albert


  • Sere83

    Meh, no doubt another supposed Miezu ‘flagship’ with no OIS or low aperture camera. Rather it was priced higher or similar to mi5 and fully speced, instead of cutting corners and priced lower.

    • balcobomber25

      So you already have seen the detailed specs and know what camera does or doesn’t have?

      • Sere83

        So far all the leaks I have read about have not alluded to OIS or low apertures at all. I’d love to be proven wrong obviously but meizu seem to have been reluctant to include them even on their most high end handset the pro 5, so don’t know why they would include on mx6. Ideally i’d like my next phone to be a meizu and was excited for the pro 5 mini due to the smaller size. But chances are the mx6 will be too large for me and the camera will be weak in low light. I am also concerned about Flymes bugs, notifications do not work properly at all on my M2 mini. While i’m not a big fan of MIUI anymore, spec wise xiaomi always deliver and I think this will be the case with the mi5 too, so I don’t really understand why meizu seem reluctant to properly go head to head instead of just dropping their price and cutting a few corners.

        • balcobomber25

          None of the leaks for Mi5 have alluded to OIS either. Notifications work fine on the MX5, and the support has been excellent with it. The only thing Meizu doesn’t go “toe to toe” with Xioami on is the processor, Xiaomi uses Mediatek/Samsung, Xiaomi uses Qualcomm. Other than that the specs are always comparable between the MX and MI(#) phones.

  • MattD

    Meh… I believe they’ll stick with 3gb of ram on the mx, leaving 4gb format for the pro series…
    That said, the price is likely to be that one, sadly… So, once there’ll be plenty of x20 powered devices for half the price, we can expect a meizu metal 2 with similar specs and a lower price (and I already said I think it’s not the best move possible).

    Just why can’t they price rightly the mx series if now it’s clearly an “upper midrange” more than a flagship?!

    • SnowyCat

      I actually believe that since even the budget phones got now 3gb and the newer ones all choke out with 4gb they will probably use 4

      I’m more worried of the camera they use since the mx4..I mean it’s not bad but the mi5 camera will probably be a lot better.

      I think at least in my case my 13mp not camera more often then not performs better than my mx4 because it gets the shot right.

      • MattD

        The fact is that we shouldn’t compare anymore the mx series with the mi one: now the top of meizu’s range is the PRO series, so MXs are more like “upper mid-rangers”… In fact i think mi5 camera WILL be better indeed, but that’s not the right phone to compare with… Now it’s more likely a “mx6 vs redmi note 3 pro” i believe!

        About the 4gb of ram, maybe you’re right: other companies already annouced they’ll use it, so it would be stupid of them putting less ram than (let’s say) ulefone will…
        I was thinking about 3gb of ram because that’s a way to make the upcoming pro 6 better than the mx, and considering mx’s range it still can be possible (again: redmi note 3 pro has 2/3 gb of ram), but we definitely have to wait the launch: speculations are hard here

        • balcobomber25

          The fact is we have to wait for both phones to be released before we can make any comparisons either way. If rumors are true Xiaomi is going to be doing the same thing and having a base and a “Pro” model, meaning the MX6 and Mi5 could be competitors afterall.

      • balcobomber25

        The MX5 camera is excellent.

    • Sere83

      Completely agree. Won’t be a proper mi5 competitor, will be no OIS or low aperture camera as usual. I could deal with an X20 if the rest of it was speced properly but it wont be. So like you say we are looking at another upper mid ranger and the only ‘flagship’ will be new pro 5 when it arrives, but it will be too big and still may not include OIS or low aperture camera. Don’t get why meizu are not trying to properly compete at the top end.

  • MaxPower

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting so many critics.
    This phone will have a beautiful amoled display, at least 3/32GB, an excellent camera like they always did and the best mediatek SoC available and a great build quality.
    The price is good for a flagship (which is what I think it is, not a midranger)

    Forget the benchmarks and start look at the phone at its whole

    • balcobomber25

      Too many people only look at the spec sheet and the benchmarks. It’s like buying a car based only on the 0-60 time and the amount of HP it has, but ignoring everything else that makes it a car.

  • V.K

    Great if its true.
    Also minor design changes like a few mm thiner and a 2,5d glass and that’s all you need.
    And what a great price positioning! Will give us a real headache!
    Choose some other device around 250 dollars and compromise ?
    Choose some other device around 350-380 dollars without getting something really better?

  • Marvin

    I’m going to wait for a phone with the Exynos 88xx series SoCs and not this middle tier crap, coupled with 4 GB Ram, 2K display, 20.1 MP cameras with OIS, fast charging, NFC, usb type-c, dual sim with the class leading LTE connectivity, all for a price below the $250 mark. (Preferably below $ 200).

    • Aeonia

      Unless you are willing to wait for 2 years, don’t hold your breath

      • Joel Adames

        Yes, Marvin is asking a little bit too much form now

  • lolipop

    I am hopping that this is the promised device “MX5 Pro Mini” now renamed to MX6

  • MeizuUser

    Flyme… meh…vanilla please!