UMi offering phones as low as $60 during the UMi Spring sales

umi touch

UMi want to celebrate the time of the year (and perhaps attempt to humbly steal the thunder from Xiaomi) with their spring sales.

The brand is thus offering a few of its devices at discounted prices.

While a couple of its phones (the Rome and Rome X, specifically) have been affordable off the bat, the sales give hopefuls an even better deal

UMi Spring Sales

The following are phones that will be discounted during the sales.

#1. UMi Rome

The UMi Rome was once known as one of the world’s most affordable AMOLED + octa-core processor phones; the 5.5-inch phone will be a mere $109.99 during the spring sales.

#2. UMi Rome X

The Rome X is an even affordable version of the Rome, available for an affordable $59.99 during the spring sales. The Rome X has a quad-core processor and a 5.5-inch HD display.

#3. UMi Iron Pro

The Iron Pro, as the name suggests, is an upgrade to the Iron. It comes with a USB Type-C port, fingerprint security, 3GB RAM and more. During this sale, the Iron Pro will sell for $159.99.

#4. UMi eMax Mini

Last but not least, the UMi eMax Mini is the company’s first Snapdragon-powered phone after a string of MediaTek devices. The eMax Mini has a 5-inch full HD display among others, and can be yours for $129.99 during the sale.

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