Video: testing of UMI Touch 4000 mAh battery

UMI Touch is currently one of most expected midrange Chinese phones and the company is doing their best to keep reminding the customers of its benefits and features.

Today’s menu is showing the UMI Touch battery test to support the company claim of 15 days standby mode battery life. But well that’s pretty insignificant thing, or does anybody honestly care about phone’s standby numbers? 🙂 But nothing wrong in checking the video so let’s sum up the battery specs – 3800-4000 mAh real capacity with 4.35V input.

The test has been repeated 3 times during the 24 hour time frame and through different temperature settings. Based on those tests it’s clear that ideal temperature for the battery operation is +/- 25 degrees and the capacity changed according to it. So in short the lower temperature the higher capacity. Seems like the battery capacity is really the alleged 3800-4000 mAh, which is the most important 🙂

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