Short leaked video showing MIUI 8 animations


The eagerly expected Xiaomi conference on May 10th is getting closer and closer and along the monster Xiaomi Max phone we will also get official launch of the new generation of MIUI. And from the first pictures, videos and information it looks like pretty significant overhaul.

MIUI 8 is going to bring new animations, full material design rework, new style of the notification bar and app switching and many many more tweaks and additions. According to previous statements of high ranked Xiaomi officials the focus will also be on the improving security measures and features as one of the pivotal points of the new system.



But today we have for you just one short leaked video showing the very different animations and finger swipe controls in the new MIUI 8, so check it out at the link here and get hyped for the Xiaomi conference on May 10th with surely way more exciting things to come.

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