OnePlus 3 could feature OPPO’s VOOC fast charging

oppo vooc 3.0

OPPO might not be discussed as often here as it used to during its Find 5 days, but the brand has sure tried hard to push the edge. One development that impressed us all was OPPO’s VOOC fast charging, which has undergone some serious updates in the recent past.

News is that OnePlus’ upcoming phone, the OnePlus 3 could feature VOOC. That the people behind OnePlus and OPPO have a friendly relationship is no secret, so it might well happen the OPPO lend their VOOC tech to the young brand to use on their shiny new phone.

Honestly, OnePlus could do with something like that. The OnePlus 2 lacked fast charging, and that made the company the subject for a lot of controversy. That said, it most certainly won’t be Super VOOC that OPPO showed off at the MWC this year.

Other things that the OnePlus 3 will have – Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4-6GB RAM, a 16 mega-pixel rear camera, and more.

What do you think about VOOC?

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