OnePlus gear up for OnePlus 3 launch, offer free VR headsets

OnePlus are gearing up for the OnePlus 3 and its no secret (far from it, actually). That said, the brand have sent perhaps the first bit of info to the media about the OnePlus 3 and the surrounding launch.

In a release, OnePlus stated that they’d be giving away their Loop VR headsets for free (plus shipping) to the first 30,000 people who claim. (Folks in India will have to pay 1 INR upfront.)

Very much like 2015, OnePlus plan to launch their next flagship in a VR launch. Interested parties can claim their free Loop VR headsets here.

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That said, they’ll apparently ‘up the ante’ and take their viewers ‘to space’. We aren’t sure about what that exactly means, but what we do know is that the OnePlus 3 will be available right at the time of launch (if I understand right) — i.e., you’ll be shopping in VR. In a related forum post, Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus talks a bit more about the launch (while also taking a dig at Samsung for being the second company to launch a phone in VR).

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  1. SQnl
    May 23, 2016

    As usual, half-arsed. Can’t order, 404, can’t enter address, stuck loading, basket auto emptying, checkout fails… shouldn’t have expected anything better. How much are these VR headsets worth anyway? Don’t think it’s worth the effort.

  2. Sérgio Miguel Silva
    May 23, 2016

    Just as usual: Get the email, click the link – out of stock.
    Why would we expect anything else, really? lol

  3. May 23, 2016

    And the Hype begins 😉

  4. Muhammad Yasir
    May 23, 2016

    the loop headset is out of stock :'(


    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun
      May 23, 2016

      My dear these OP PPL are liars as always, and they anyway would not ship to a country like yours

      • Muhammad Yasir
        May 24, 2016

        but … but , many friends still use the One Plue ONE !
        and NOBODY has Xiaomi … why Lei Jun WHY :’/

        • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun
          May 25, 2016

          Well I guess it is time for new friends dear as only fake friends use Oneplus device.

          • Muhammad Yasir
            May 25, 2016