UMI Super violent stress test video

Weekly quota of the phone stress test videos is apparently not filled yet so we have another one starring UMI Super. This time it won’t be anything ultra drastic so no drilling in the screen with a power drill, no burying alive in a concrete block or no smashing it with hammer.

Just as in real life you need only a pretty woman to deliver some crushing punishment. The asian tester girl treats the UMI Super pretty harshly and after letting it fall from up to 2 meter height she stomps on it for good measure with a stiletto high heel shoe. And as a coup de grace it gets run over by a car. Keep in mind the UMI Super is not one of the rugged types so surviving the punishment with ease is something the company must be proud about.

And of course they are, but as usual take such videos with a pinch of salt, because they serve only one and true marketing god . Still if it instilled a hunger for getting the UMI Super phone you can get the $70 discount coupon for registering here.

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