Meizu admit there Blue Charm M3S will launch in 2 days

meizu m3s

Meizu are once again making another of their phones outdated ahead of time, this time it is their most affordable phone that is getting early retirement.

We all know that our phones will be superseded eventually, but generally we expect at least 12 months between a new release, well that is of course you are a Meizu owner.

In the past few years Meizu have made a habit of launched new variants of current devices, or releasing phones that compete internally against one another which must be extremely annoying to any customers attempting to be loyal to the brand.

Next in their fast launch cycle to come will be a Meizu M3S model smartphone which has been leaked to come with a 5-inch display like previous budget phones, but with 2 main updates, a metal body and a fingerprint scanner.

The M3S is likely to sport much of the same as the original Meizu M3 which launched in April! The launch date for the Meizu M3S will be on the 13th June, so watch out for more coverage.

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