UMI Super camera tricks video and a giveaway

UMI Super

Phone camera quality is recently something most customers value the most when choosing their next phone so it’s no wonder the marketing is trying to focus precisely on that. With that being said let’s welcome the new promo video presenting the tips and tricks for the UMI Super camera.

UMI Super offers 13 Mpix rear camera equipped with a Panasonic sensor and most of the public including myself is really curious about the real performance of the highly hyped shooter. But all the answers should be answered soon, because i’m happy to say our review sample should arrive already tomorrow so stay tuned.

In the meantime UMI is trying to reward the fans and somehow celebrate a month since the UMI Super official launch so starting today, June 17th, the “Ultimate High-Tech Giveaway Everyday” is on. For the exact info how to win one of the 16 UMI VR BOXes and 5 UMI Super phones you can visit THIS link.

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