UMI Super official video review is trying to pump up the tires of the model

Still few more before we will be able to post our own review of the hyped UMI Super model, so until our testing is done and the review ready we can offer info from some other sources. Like the official video review from UMI featuring also the UMI VR Box.

So judging by the vide review what are the main features of UMI Super that they think are important ? Well looks like they value highly the beefy 4 GB RAM capacity, utilizing the LPDRR3 clocked at 933 MHz or the eMMC 5.1 Samsung storage with the expandable 32 GB capacity.

For the future is probably going to be important the compatibility of UMI Super with the VR headset, after all we are living in the age of the VR boom. Clean and almost stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow is another good thing to have, same for the Sony battery with 4000 mAh capacity and fast charge support or the USB Type-C connector.

We also can’t forget to mention the 360° fingeprint scanner with alleged high speed and precision.

So that’s more or less sums up the main selling points of the UMI Super, check out the video and if you would be interested to get it with the 70 dollar discount, you can still register here. Otherwise just wait for our coming review to get a better idea about the phone.

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