Meizu MX6 photo sample confirms 12 mega-pixel IMX286

Those previously leaked and reported upon Meizu MX6 benchmarks are looking more genuine today with the revelation that the rear camera on the phone will be a 12 mega-pixel sensor.

Since the launch of the Meizu MX4 we haven’t seen all that much change on Meizu devices. They have continued to ship with a familiar all alloy body, and the all flagship models have been given the same Sony 20.7 mega-pixel rear sensor, but this is about to end.

Just as leaked benchmarks had predicted, the rear camera on the upcoming Meizu MX6 will be a lower resolution Sony IMX286 12 mega-pixel sensor. 

There are obviously a few details that we have to take note of here though, 1) the number of mega-pixels doesn’t necessarily mean a decent camera (just look at Elephone and other devices with high-end sensors) and 2) the IMX286 is actually the same sensor that is used on the Huawei P9.

At this point it doesn’t appear that the MX6 will adopt the same dual camera design as the Huawei P9, but if the above photo sample is anything to go by then the photography performance is going to be rather good.

The Meizu MX6 is set to launch later this month with 5.5-inch FHD display, Helio X20 chipset and may also spawn an Ubuntu version for European customers to buy.

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