Bluboo Maya Max getting the Android N soon?

Presale period for the new Bluboo Maya Max started just about a week ago and the Bluboo engineers are already thinking about a possible Android N upgrade for the device. Hard to say how valid are such rumors, but could be certainly a big boost for the Maya Max appeal.

Compared to Android 6.0 the new Android N which can be also designated as 7.0 should bring tons of new functions like opimizations for the JIT compilation resulting in way faster app installation time, new Vulkan technology for the GPU, which should save the battery and offer the users advanced 3D rendering for the most graphically demanding programs. The Android 7.0 should also support new encryption possibilities for invidiual files, multi-window support and better multitasking overall.


If the possible Android N update for the Bluboo Maya sparked your attention and you would want to know more about he device then click here. And if you would want to preorder the Maya Max right away then you can do it here.

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