#ExplosiveMonday: What happens when the Ulefone Power battery is sawed

Ulefone Power Saw

Despite it only being a Monday (the lowliest of all low days), it seems that it’s quite an eventful (read: explosive) day. We first read about how a Xiaomi Mi 4c allegedly damaged the backsides of a user, then came across an incident involving a 6 year-old kid and a Note 7 that exploded.

Before you call it a day, go through another story that has to do with burning phones; Ulefone just decided to ride the wave and sawed through a Ulefone Power just to see what happens.

The Ulefone Power’s battery smokes but it doesn’t explode, it appears.

As you can see from the video, after the Ulefone Power gets sawed through, it begins to release a thick white smoke which we’ve rarely seen before on smartphones, maybe due to the large capacity battery?

The battery, which still produced a huge amount of heat, totally melted the plastic back cover (image below) but it didn’t explode, thus making it less dangerous; a rather positive outcome.

Ulefone Power Saw

Quoting the guys over at Ulefone:

Ulefone Power only emit smog with some heat when its battery is cut by electric saw, while Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explode badly with normal use.

This also shows how the video is a playful challenge directed to Samsung and its detonating Note 7 problems. Now we wonder, who’s gonna be next?

Ulefone Power

The Ulefone Power, which packs a MediaTek MT6753 octa-core chipset, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, Sony IMX214 13MP camera and 6050mAh battery can be found on sale for $146.99.

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