Kehan CubeCam features upgraded to handle 1080p shooting

We have already covered the news about the interesting tiny Kehan CubeCam wearable camera, but the company has one more pleasant surprise in stock for us. Just few days before the end of the presale period the camera features got a major upgrade, because now it’s capable of capturing not just 720p but the full 1080p too. Granted it’s only with 15fps, but still a nice and welcome change.

Rest of the specs stays the same, like the extra portable dimensions 41 x 41 x13 mm, the 24,5 g of weight, f/2,5 aperture, 120 degree field of view or the battery capably of roughly 2.5 hours of continuous shooting. Equipped with a microSD slot and Wi-Fi connection it’s ready to serve as your easy to carry personal cam, maybe for a live streaming on Facebook or Youtube. But of course ideally only if you a smartphone with iOS 8.0 / Android 4.0 or higher to install the control Kehan app.

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The Kehan CubeCam presale is still up until September 30th and the price discount with it is pretty significant, basic CubeCam is available for $99 and the CubeCam Plus with a display for $149. Both versions are available in black, pearl white, champagne gold and rose gold variants, just as you can see on the pictures.

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  1. NextHype
    September 19, 2016

    Nice resolution upgrade, but 15fps is too low (min. 30fps to avoid stuttering), so 1080p won’t be OK and ppl will still be forced to use 720p mode.

  2. Kay B
    September 19, 2016

    Nice camera, I will get one if it really supports live streaming. Will gizchina review it?