Elephone talk about battery safety seriously on the Elephone S7 & R9

Elephone R9

After the recent problems with the Samsung Note 7, people became more aware of what can go wrong with a smartphone. This is perhaps why Elephone feels the need to assure its customers that the batteries on the Elephone S7 and R9 will be safe to use.

Elephone S7

According to the Elephone’s director of product safety Cohen, both the Elephone S7 and R9 will pack absolutely safe batteries.

He explained that Elephone’s battery supplier is the best mobile manufacturer in China, with a fail rate of less than 3 out of a million.

Always according to Cohen, the interior design of the Elephone & R9 is not just elegant, but it also gives the phone a strong structure which should avoid unintentional bending of the device and subsequently security risks.

Elephone R9

In addition to that Elephone also improved the battery algorithm for charging, in order to reduce problems like overheating and overcharging.

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