The Elephone Max is getting a new burgundy color version

Elephone Max Burgundy

Elephone has been experimenting a lot lately with new smartphone colors, as we’ve seen on the Elephone S7 which is available in blue and green, in addition to the “ordinary” black and gold versions.

Elephone Max Burgundy

The Elephone Max won’t be less of a surprise with the new burgundy color that is definitely a nice addition to the roaster. Or at least it’s something different from the usual black, white and grey phones you see around!

The burgundy color, which is a shade of reddish brown associated with the Burgundy wine of the same name — yes, I googled that — will be coated on the ultra-thin metal case of the Elephone Max. This is probably the first time this color as been used on a smartphone as well.

elephone max

I’ve to say the color is quite appealing, even though it’s presumably aimed at younger people, mostly girls? But then I wouldn’t call out a guy for owning one, as I don’t with people who own rose gold phones, there’s beauty in diversity.

Would you get this phone for anybody you know? Let us know in the comments below.

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